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Why it Is Better to Have Co-ed Classrooms



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    Imagine your dream high school. Think about the type of people that would be there. You would see men and women from different ethnic backgrounds, social classes, and family situations with one common goal: learning. They learn the core classes math, science, english along with their electives that are suited towards their intelligence, personality, hobbies, and career outlook. To think some people want single-sex classrooms instead of the traditional co-ed classrooms is absurd.

    Co-ed classrooms provide young people with an opportunity to communicate with the other gender; kids learn parental responsibilities all at a lower cost than a single-sex classroom. When you go to a co-ed school, you get the benefit of interacting with people of the opposite sex. With communication being one of the most important skills a human could have in life, kids need to learn how to be successful communicators. If you go to a single sex school, you would not be able to practice talking with the opposite sex.

    When applying for a job, you need good communication skills to talk with both genders not just one. For example, when I umpire baseball games, I need to be able to talk with both men and women about what is going on in the game in an effective manner. If I went to a single sex school, I would not be able to talk successfully and convey the facts about the game to both genders because I wouldn’t have the experience to do so from school. Another benefit of going to a co-ed school is the ability to see the other gender’s strengths and weaknesses.

    In the future when people want to get married, they have to understand their counterpart. For example, the men need to know that, typically, they need to do most of the physical work around the house like cutting the grass, moving furniture, and fixing things, while the women need to do the smaller stuff like cooking, cleaning, and decorating. Without going to a co-ed school the genders won’t understand their counterparts and it will lead to a deteriorating relationship in the future.

    Some critics might say single-sex classrooms are better because they get rid of the distractions, the opposite gender, and provide a better learning environment; however, these critics are wrong because the opposite gender helps more than it hurts in a classroom environment. I remember in Chemistry, I was having trouble understanding the concept so I asked my male friend about it. He answered me and I still didn’t understand it. I then asked my female friend about it and she explained it in a different way and t made much more sense. By the other gender being in the classroom, I got more benefit out of it, and they weren’t a distraction like some critics might say. Another benefit of a co-ed school is the cost. According to Indiana University at Bloomington, the cost of a single sex school is more than a co-ed school because the teachers need special training and schools need to hire more teachers so the gender of the teacher and kids match up. This will also create tuition for single-sex schools.

    When a single-sex school has expenses just to keep the school single-sex, co-ed school can be spending money on reducing class sizes, providing more resources for students, and upgrade the teaching staff by offering workshops. A co-ed class is a better option than a single sex class: A co-ed class is sounder economically and their ability to hire fewer teachers is also an advantage compared to single sex classes. As you can see, co-ed schools are better than single-sex schools. Co-ed schools provide kids with ways to communicate with the other gender, help kids with the future relationships, and provide a better education at a lower cost.

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