Why It’s Important To have Loyalty and Honesty

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To have a loyalty and honesty companion is what makes a good friendship. It plays a very important factor in a friendship relationship, because you need those things in order to trust your friends with any given thing. Like Don George states in his article “Why Loyalty is important in a Good Friendship.” “A friends loyalty is a wonderful virtue. When loyalty is missing other values, it will certainly suffer in any friendship. This is a quality that you should look for in a friend as friendships can be very complicated at times, but loyalty between friends will hold the friendship together.”

Not only does loyalty, play a role in a friendship, but it all so shows that your friend has your back through all the truth and lies. I mean, who wants a back stabbing friend who always lies to your face and never spares you the truth? No one! That’s where honesty comes in at. You want that friend, that will tell you the truth no matter what. Which is also stated in Susanne Packs article “Honesty and Friendship.” Susanna states, “Choosing to be honest is not always easy, but is a defining element in how people perceive us. If people see someone that walks on the fence in between honesty and dishonesty, then eventually the perception would be that person is untrustworthy, and in a friendship that can lead to a very negative friendship. This is why loyalty and honesty play a very crucial part in a friendship or just any type of relationship , so you’ll have that friendship where you can trust , that person with anything and no matter how bad it is they’ll be there for you and give your honest opinion, without lying to your face.

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