Why Prisons Are Becoming Overcrowding?

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This paper will try to explicate why violent behaviour is one of the primary grounds for prison overcrowding. Correctional officers who are supposed to be in charge of prison inmates are distastefully outnumbered by condemnable wrongdoers ; accordingly, that control “ can steal out of their custodies ” and this will finally take to more violent behaviour. Research workers believe that wrongdoers who commit grave offenses, for illustration slaying and colza, demand to be penalized for the earnestness of the offense that they commit, even with lengthier footings of imprisonment, but offenses that are less serious, for illustration, parole misdemeanor, shrinkage, and minor drug offenses, should non be given prison sentences as penalty ( “Prison state, ” 2009 ) .

When nonviolent wrongdoers are sent to prison this will do more injury than good because short term wrongdoers do non acquire the rehabilitation they need, nor the tools to last in the free universe so the prison experience causes them to go more corrupt because they meet up with long term, hard nucleus captives who care nil about anything or anyone, and one time they are paroled into the free universe the lone thing that they know is a life of offense and endurance of the fittest, doing them to reoffend and return to prison which so causes overcrowding ( “Michigan undertaking force, ” 2005 ) .

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Prison overcrowding has a figure of beginnings. The high rates of accustomed backsliding into offense are the most of import beginning. Among the many achings and strivings for the Department of Corrections, among other jobs, is prison overcrowding. It is of my sentiment that prison overcrowding is about like a signifier of illness that needs to be restored back to wellness, but in order for any unwellness to be healed the survey of what causes the unwellness has to be of extreme importance ( Shabangu, 2006 ) . In order to set up the cause of prison overcrowding, one has to look, by close examination, at the foundational motivations as to why offenses are committed ( Haney, 2006 ) .

The inmates that would most probably have a old felon record are the 1s who has little or no instruction, has ne’er been married or are either divorced, are unemployed and came from broken families ( Shabangu, 2006 ) . Researchers believe that the societal backgrounds from which the wrongdoer came, has some connexion to why he or she commits offenses. It is besides their claim that the present reform and rehabilitative plans used by the Department of Corrections need to be visited once more in order to suit each and every single wrongdoer. If these plans are in synch with the different wrongdoer profiles so the Department of Corrections will be able to better those persons who are in charge of its attention ( Shabangu, 2006 ) .

Harmonizing to the Michigan Task Force for Jail and Prison Overcrowding, 2005, there is no individual cause that can be used to explicate overcrowding in prisons and gaols, even though there are many assorted local steps and patterns that play a portion in the crisis. Actually, local processs and patterns vary at each of the different declaration points in the condemnable justness system, from the point of first contact by jurisprudence enforcement functionaries with a felon to the determination made by the tribunals sing imprisonment. Furthermore, different and frequent conflicting policies and class of actions subsist in relation to the bonding patterns, ” services prior to test, imprisonment expecting instance temperament, and supervising by the community. All of these disagreements besides have a strong consequence of prison overcrowding ( “Michigan undertaking force, ” 2005 ) .

The map of correctional services is non to penalize but to cover with the behaviour and attitude utilizing different plans for intervention while indirectly covering with prison overcrowding and recidivism. When seeking to make a decrease in the figure of wrongdoers re-offending it should non be taking to bring down penalty, but instead the factors that may hold played a function in the wrongdoer perpetrating that peculiar offense at which would set him or her at hazard for perpetrating future offenses ( McGuire, 2002 ) .

When the milieus in prison gets overly distressing, it besides begin to acquire harmful, and one time inmates are released from prison, they transmit the effects or consequences of that injury straight back into the free universe. It is non merely graceless and or awkward in correctional installations that are bad, but these prisons can besides be unhelpful and destructive. Second, the individual greatest important influence that aid in explicating the present calamity in correctional installations in the United States is the lack of interventions and plans that are effectual, the finding of insecure and hapless conditions of imprisonment, and the usage of vigorous, intense, and perchance harmful techniques of control in the institution- which is the overcrowding that has overwhelmed our Federal and State correctional installations for about 30 ( 30 ) old ages ( Haney, 2006 ) .

Last, if this issue had been tackled in an effectual mode in earlier old ages which saw unparallel encouragements in the usage of imprisonment, for illustration, “ when the United States Supreme Court foremost confronted the then-controversial pattern of double-celling in 1979 ” ( Haney, 2006, pg. 267 ) so the current history of corrections in the United States would non merely have been written otherwise, but a batch of the issues that the committee have been asked to manage and help in deciding would hold ne’er occurred.

Overcrowding in correctional installations can besides Prison overcrowding can besides repeat right back throughout our system of condemnable justness, bring forthing issues in local gaols. Officials in correctional installations may react to state of affairss of prison overcrowding by seeking to diminish the velocity in which they are acute or even capable to take in new inmates. In terrible instances, some installations may they may worsen to even accept them period.

But the overcrowding that occurs as inmates are backed up in the condemnable justness system, waiting to acquire transferred to correctional installations, is by itself damaging in its ain right. Take for illustration, immense populations in prison may give rise mathematically to an increased demand for services, increasing demand for services, with the deterioration of correctional installations due to the velocity of prison overcrowding and to boot disputing the capableness of correctional installations to provide for indispensable human necessities ( Haney, 2006 ) .

Prison overcrowding seems to hold peculiarly unfavourable effects on the behavior of younger inmates in the installation. One survey on the prison system in Texas noted that the larger the figure of younger prison inmates in the installation so the rate of assaults and misdemeanors will be much more important. Other research has shown some grounds for a coaction result between the size of the prison and age. Prisoners who are younger may be more vulnerable to the issues and control system in prisons that are immense than the inmates that are older or much more full-blown.

Another research survey got about the same consequences with general connexions that showed a considerable relationship between how full the installation is, the figure of entire assaults, and captive assaults, such that the more overcrowded the prison, the more frequently the assaults will happen. Inmates who are younger and inexperienced are likely to be more unstable, cognizant of the milieus and, will most likely respond in a hostile manner to the emphasis, anxiousness, and dissensions that overcrowding and signifiers of captivity ( Haney, 2006 ) .

Importance OF THE STUDY

This survey is of import because the United States is faced with a serious job of prison overcrowding and recidivism. Identifying what went incorrect as shown in the debut, with solutions in the terminal that are feasible inside the organisation, while working manus in manus with other persons who has a direct involvement in the installation, including captives in a manner that will put out to hold an consequence on their behaviour in the hereafter, accordingly in a unit of ammunition about manner turn toing the issue of prison overcrowding. The accent of answerability remainder entirely and entirely on the shoulders of the Department of Correctional Services, to really acquire the behavioural alteration that is most wanted on persons who end up in the custodies of the jurisprudence ( Shabangu, 2006 ) .

Looking into the concealed issues that contribute to prison overcrowding one will come to the realisation that there is a significant sum of ex-prisoners who have reverted back to the committee of offenses. Researchers would wish to see the state of affairs changed where correctional installations do non acquire so overcrowded, and they would besides wish to see less ex-prisoners return merely to be readmitted to the prison system ( “Prison Nation, ” 2009 ) .

Research workers feel that many wrongdoers take advantage of the prison system in the United States and would wish to hold an impact on such alteration in this peculiar field, so that revenue enhancement remunerators can acquire their money ‘ worth. Citizens who abide by the jurisprudence on the other manus will be persuaded to go on making so, and felons will go on to be discouraged from perpetrating condemnable Acts of the Apostless. Our correctional installations in the United States should be looked at as schools where wrongdoers graduate as citizens who are jurisprudence abiding and who have besides learned to populate a lifestyle free of offense doing them socially acceptable ( Shabangu, 2006 ) .


There are frequently inquiries asked, but merely one is quoted, “Does correctional installations truly reform or rehabilitate captives? ” In most instances the reply is no. Research workers noted that this is accredited to the elevated rate of prison overcrowding. Research workers are of the belief that something may hold gone incorrect with our condemnable justness system, and it needs to be recognized, and remedial steps need to be taken in order to do the state of affairs normal once more. If research workers take a expression at the whole legal procedure including the clause above, they have ignored victims of offenses and their rights. Harmonizing to the research worker, ” there is a balance struck between both rights ” ( Shabangu, 2006 )

There is an issues sing materially supplying for captives while they ignore the victims of offense and this plays a immense portion in recidivism and finally prison over crowding. Harmonizing to the United States Constitution, ” the concealed ground behind get rid ofing the decease punishment is because of the wrongdoers rights to life. The really taxpayer who has been the victim of a offense at the custodies of these felons, are the same 1s who end up providing to these condemnable wrongdoers. When wrongdoers go to kip at dark, they go to kip with a clear witting that on the following forenoon they will have breakfast as usual, tiffin subsequently in the twenty-four hours, dinner at dark, medical specialty, apparels, and relaxation all free and at no cost to them. Law staying citizens are the 1s who have to pay for these material demands regardless of whether they work or non ( Shabangu, 2006 ) .

“Two instances, Plata v. Schwarzenegger and Coleman v. Schwarzenegger, brought against the province, allege cruel and unusual penalty in misdemeanor of the Eighth Amendment. Both are long running instances, with the Coleman instance dating back to 1995 with 77 substantial orders issued in an attempt to ” repair ” the mental wellness system in California prisons. In October of 2005, the Plata tribunal ordered the California prison health care system into receivership to set up a constitutionally equal medical system. In November of 2006 the complainants in both instances filed a gesture to convene a three-judge panel to restrict California ‘s prison population as provided under the federal Prison Litigation Reform Act ( 18 U.S.C. A§3626 and 28 U.S.C. A§2284 ) . On July 23, 2007, both the Plata tribunal and the Coleman tribunal issued orders to convene a three-judge panel in order to find if a population cap should be placed on California prisons. Merely one panel will be convened for both instances”.

Research workers would wish to propose a alteration in respect to this as it has a traffic circle influence on prison overcrowding. The research worker is a strong protagonist of seting in topographic point, intervention plans with the types of offenses committed and the ground behind why the offense was committed ( Shabangu, 2006 ) . The authorities should merely assist with life and adjustment in add-on to other demands of the captives and in instances that highly deserve of those services. Prisoners should hold the duty of paying for their ain costs at the correctional installation ( rent for room and board, nutrient, toilet articless, etc ) merely like if they were on the exterior and so possibly they would believe twice approximately perpetrating a offense, which will so cut down prison overcrowding ( “ Prison Nation, 2009 ) .


The features of the research, specifically, look intoing possible solutions to prison overcrowding in the United States Department of Corrections is the chief cause for the methods chosen. The research methods that will be used in this survey have many different parts because of the different point of views that have to be talked over earlier wagering on board with possible solutions to the issue of prison overcrowding ( ” Connecticut general assembly, ” 2005 ) .

Literature Survey

Interviewing functionaries, condemnable justness professionals including decision makers and “ Judgess, and cardinal staff in the rectification section, parole board, Department of Mental Health and Addiction ” ( “ Connecticut general assembly, ” 2005 ) , regular jurisprudence staying citizens, condemnable wrongdoers in order to see their different profiles and grounds for bit by bit halting condemnable Acts of the Apostless or returning to offense, in order to seek and work out possible solutions to the job of prison overcrowding, in add-on to persons who have been victims of offenses ; and

Reading legislative acts, and the judicial subdivision ‘s condemnable tribunal, grownup probation, and alternate countenances systems ( “ Connecticut general assembly, ” 2005 ) .

It would be about impossible to set together this sort of research without mentioning to other sorts of information from the beginnings below:

  • Books,
  • Diaries,
  • Peer Reviews,
  • Periodicals,
  • Columns,
  • Reports from the Government,
  • Internet.


The chief end of the survey of prison overcrowding is among other things consciousness and clear perceptual experience into the happening of penalty with an observation of such come-at-able cognition. The chief end of the research worker is to acquire an apprehension of the present rehabilitation plans with a position to review the validity in connexion to their end or intent and finally do suggestions about plans that would break reference rehabilitation and reform plans, which will in bend cut down prison overcrowding. Crime has proven to be a immense job in the United States and has far making consequences other than doing hurting and agony to offense victims and doing public upset. Crime on the other manus besides has a really negative impact on the full state including abroad investors ( “ Michigan undertaking force, ” 2005 ) .

If investors were to take their money and concern from this state there would be a higher rate of unemployment, and unemployment causes poorness, which will in bend cause offense, and in the terminal offense will do prison overcrowding. The research worker at all cost would wish to maneuver clear of this state of affairs ( Shabangu, 2006 ) . McIvor, and Raynor, 2007 pointed out that because of the effects of offense in Florida, the State lost about a few million dollars because of reserves that were cancelled because of the consequence of offense. The immense sums of tourers that would usually come to Florida made the determination to pass their holidaies someplace else and in an effort to hedge possible jobs ( McIvor, & A ; Raynor, 2007 ) .

It is an unquestionable fact that offenses are committed by some persons non because they are delinquent jurisprudence surfs but because of other environing fortunes, one of which is the fact that they are the end merchandise of the influences of their upbringing ( Siegel, 2008 ) . Social reaction Theory, besides known as Labeling Theory has evolved over the past few old ages from every bit early as 1938. Soon Labeling Theory suggests that when an single commits a condemnable act ; they will be given the label of ” condemnable ” .

When society labels this person in such a manner, they will perchance accept this label as a portion of who they are. Because the person now thinks of him/herself as a felon, he/she will most likely continue in his/her condemnable behaviour ( Siegel, 2008 ) . Persons who are exposed to negative labels encounter “ self-rejection, which causes them to bond with societal castawaies ” ( Siegel, 2008 ) for illustration a stealer does non see himself to be a stealer because he makes the claim that he or she is stealing from the rich to give to the hapless.

It is understood by the research worker, which is besides in line with Labeling Theory, that negative labeling will most likely cling to an person who fight toward conveying himself with such a label, which so turn out to be the ground behind why he or she engages in condemnable Acts of the Apostless. Once a delinquent person is labeled as such by society it may be really hard to travel off from that name, so as an option he may keep on to that label because it gives him an individuality that he may non be competently to obtain by other agencies, and so that label becomes of import for him to keep ( Shabangu, 2006 ) .

As discussed above the chief purposes of the survey is to re-examine the present rehabilitation and reform plans, to propose elements or factors that need to be taken into consideration when seting together policies on the subject of rehabilitation and reformation plans for wrongdoers, and to do suggestions based on the research consequence, with regard to the seting in topographic point of plans which will finally cut down the gait or reoffending and over crowding in our prison system ( Haney, 2006 ) .

In add-on to the above other long and short term ends will be bought to the head including proposing short, transitional, and long-run programs for happening a declaration to prison and gaol overcrowding statewide ; Admiting the relationship between prison and gaol overcrowding in respects to its maximal volume ; Propose policies that may consist of the redisposition and or adding of resources ; and Propose a line of onslaught for the establishment of a more knowing, regulated procedure of be aftering with regard to the growing of the prison dwellers in order to set a halt to, or go more ready for the event of prison and gaol overcrowding in the hereafter ( ” Michigan undertaking force, ” 2005 ) .

For wrongdoers who are still incarcerated, prison overcrowding is still a serious issue. Research shows that “thanks mostly to tougher sentencing, ” the sum of inmates in the condemnable justness system in America blew up from 500,000 in 1980 to 2.3 million in 2006. Even though the increasing proportion of inmates to the general dwellers has been coming to a province of equilibrium since the twelvemonth 2000, the entire sum is still increasingly increasing ( ” Prison conditions: ” 2007 ) .

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