Black Mans in Prisons        

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In these essay I will be addressing the fact that young black men are sometimes incarcerated on things that they did not do, in this world that we live in young black men and it is all because of our government still stuck on the Jim Crowe law. “Amid two decades of economic growth and social neglect” (Miller,1996)

Frist of all black males are treated differently (Tonry ,1995) “many disadvantaged black males start out with bleak life chances” this means all young black men are basically born with a chip on their shoulder because of racial discrimination. There acting like it is a new Jim Crowe law going on in America. Some police officers racially profile black men sometimes and this tells you that the police do not care about black men if a white man was to kill a black man, they would not really get that much time or none, it happened already with Trayvon Martin when Martin Zimmerman was let off the hook for killing an innocent young black male walking from a 7 eleven in his apartment complex . The racial profiling of black males has been enduring and unfortunate feature of African American culture. Racial profiling of black criminals Is so pervasive throughout the society that people call blacks criminal predators.

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Sometimes they charge young black teens as adults in the prison system for things that white men do and get charged with the same thing. In the projects there is only a couple ways to make it out either the streets jail or dead and some make it out with sports so growing up in poverty makes it worse for these kids that get locked up for trying to make a way for their single mom. Most kids in the system probably grew up without a father figure and no one to show them how to be a man so they turned to the streets instead of trying to do the right thing, for fun they steal cars and try to break into people’s home and go to jail for just trying to make some money for his mom. These effects make it harder for the young black male to succeed without making poor decision in the world that is hard for them and different for kids who grow up with two parents.

I feel like black lives matter has something to do with it all is a complete misunderstanding of what the phrase means. The person on the receiving end interrupts the phrase. This has so much to do with things within the prison walls because blacks sometimes get treated wrong by white Co’s.

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