Why Some Teenagers Skip School and Class

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In the 1970s, Hong Kong was a poor city where most citizens struggled to make a living. Teenagers had to work to support their families, and education was not compulsory. However, over the past few decades, Hong Kong has become a city with a strong economic base, and the lives of most citizens have improved. More schools have been built, and teenagers now have access to nine years of free education. Despite this, many students are skipping school and class, which is worrying because it could have unexpected consequences. There are several reasons why students might be skipping school, including finding lessons boring or useless, feeling that teachers do not teach well, or being tired from studying all day. Additionally, society as a whole bears some responsibility because students may be more focused on academic success than on enjoying their school experience. If the Hong Kong government does not address this problem, it could have negative consequences for the growth and development of teenagers in the city.

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In 1970s, Hong Kong was a poor city where most citizens struggled for their living. Teenagers were needed to work in order to earn as much money as they could to relief the family difficulties. Education was also not compulsorily given to them. Fortunately, within these past few decades, Hong Kong has become a city with strong economic base and the life of most citizens has improved a lot. More and more schools have been built, and teenagers nowadays are not forced to work for their families’ living. They can now enjoy a 9 years free education and learning becomes an essential part of their life.

However, this advantage does not make students a good attitude towards learning but convey them a message that being educated is compulsory indeed. More and more schools find out that the number of students who usually skip school and class is increasing gradually. This phenomenon arise the public’s attention and they think a solution must be made as soon as possible because of the unexpected consequences. In order to work out a solution, I think the reason why those students are unwilling to go to school or class must be known.

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In my opinion, there are a couple of reasons leading it. First, they may think the purpose of going to school is just receiving knowledge from teachers and do all their best in those public examinations. Once when they think lessons are boring and useless, they will start skipping school and class to treasure time for preparing their public examinations. Second, they may think the teachers teaching them are not good. They cannot bare teachers who teach badly and always give homework which in no way relevant to those public examinations.

They think that is better to have self revision rather than receiving useless messages in the classroom. Third, despite of the students’ attitude towards studying, I think the whole society should also bear some responsibility. This is because the world now is becoming more and more economic based. Being wealthy has become the most common aim in people’s life. As the basic requirement of being wealthy is always related to good academic results, students nowadays forget what they really want to treasure in their school life.

They begin competing for the first position of their form. What they want is a ticket to a university with good reputation. With this opportunity, they have already had half of their dream come true. Therefore, they do not enjoy the study process but only the outcome. As a result, they do not think skipping school and class for revise is wrong. Last, those students may have studied for whole day long and may feel extremely tired. With this reason, they are unwilling to go school in the early morning.

This does not only affect their health but also their biological clock which in turns does not make net advantage to themselves. There are still many reasons behind the fact of skipping school and class, such as family problems, health of their school life, etc. Nevertheless, the Hong Kong government should pay more attention to this phenomenon. If not, it will stimulate the growth of teenagers in a wrong direction. When the society is in charged by them, everything will be in a mess.

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