The Strength and Wisdom of Old Age

            Being old for humans is characterized by gradual deteriorating of health, visible physical changes and decreased mental capability. Aging is one of the most despised and feared points in life. During old age, people are denied of the activities that they used to do when they were still young. Mobility is becoming a problem and the less active the people get; the more they become vulnerable to diseases. Two attributes surprisingly describe old age, strength and wisdom. Old age is claimed as the time for wisdom, this has always been associated in the final years of our lives. People are believed to be wiser as they get older. True wisdom is not learning but a matter of life. True wisdom is derived from a life long journey on experiences of triumphs and defeats.

            Wisdom is all about seeing truths and realizing what is the right thing to do during life’s difficult times. Wisdom is higher and more profound than intelligence. True wisdom is earned not only from textbook and course learning but also from life’s experiences and its twists and turns. It is acquired and accumulated gradually as we journey through life. But there are also claims that age is not related to wisdom, as such, that there are many older people who act foolish at the latter years of their life compared during the times when they were younger. Some older people still make mistakes in their lives. Some older people suffer mental problems and difficulties and may not be regarded as wise. During old age, some people are also experiencing slow mental processes which prove their incapability of making rational decisions. Apparently, wisdom is not associated with the fact that it increases as people get older.

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            Another aspect of old age is strength. Old age is denied of physical strength, old people were not able to move properly. The physical strength that was once there during their younger years slowly deteriorates and their bodies also struggle to adapt to those changes. The strength of old age pertains to other aspect other than physical. Old people are hardened of life’s experiences; they are emotionally and mentally strong as their strength may come from their long journey on life. Older people are emotionally strong for they were able to handle situations with less emotional restraints. Their emotions do not easily get in the way of their decisions and judgments. Like when someone died, older people are passive and they talk less because they want to show others that they can handle their loss gracefully. This may branch from their experiences which molded them to be strong individuals in handling emotional situations.

            Older people are also mentally strong as they acquire cognition in maneuvering everyday life. Older people have the ability to make the most right and appropriate decisions in problems. This one of the advantages of older people on younger generations as they gained more information and more experiences that enabled them to make righteous decisions. But there are always exemptions to the rule as some older people inevitably suffer from mental disorders and deteriorating mental processes. The strength of older people also came from their networks such as their family and friends that surrounds them during their old age. The closeness of the people surrounding the older people renders them the strength to get through their difficult situations that they are experiencing.

            Old age should not be a time of being less useful and incapacitated to do tasks and activities during younger years. Old age should not be feared or despised for it will take away attributes like beauty and abilities such as strength and health. It should not be a time of sitting and waiting for the last minutes of life but rather a moment of celebration for the God’s gifts that only occur during old age such as wisdom and strength that may still enable people to participate and experience life’s pleasures and hardships.

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