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Work Breakdown Structure

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Running head: WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE Work Breakdown Structure Clarita Vaughn IP2 6/21/09 Work Breakdown Structure I’m currently planning a great family vacation for the Vaughn family. They are planning to travel to Orlando, Florida in July. I will present the family with the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS is the tool I will use to define and group the project’s task in a way that help keeps it organized. Once reviewing this part of my project and their trip they will make all the final decision on the trip.

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Work Breakdown Structure
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Project Objectives: The objective of this project is to create a dream vacation for the Vaughn family. The special request for room, rental car and special attractions will be arranged for the week they will be in Orlando, Florida. *Project deliverables*: Booked on Southwest Airlines at families request to depart July 5 and return July 11. Project Milestones: Airline tickets purchased Project technical requirements: Cost to park families car at Hobby airport.

Avis rental car to pick up family from airport in Orlando.

Directions from airport to hotel and attractions. Directions to food and shopping in Orlando. Directions to the closest beach. Romantic anniversary date arrangements made. Separate room for kids. Project limits and exclusions: This is a family vacation for the Vaughn family. I’m expected to set up all the travel arrangements, attractions and dinners for this family. I will also arrange the rental car and directions for the family. The number one boundary for this project is the family budget. WBS START Vaughn’s Family Vacation Flight

Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas Southwest Airlines Parking at Hobby Airport Departs July 5 Return July 11 Cost $1200 Rental Car Avis Rental Car Full size vehicle Picking up July 5 at 10am. ( 30 minutes after flight lands) Dropping off July 11 at 5:30am (3 hours before flight departs) Cost $370 Hotel Reservations Caribe Cove Resort Kissimmee Check in July 5 at 3pm Check out July 11 by 11am 2 bedroom villa Tuesday night Romantic Dinner arranged Mandatory cleaning fee of $65 Cost $ $740 Attractions SeaWorld Tickets for Monday

Tickets are in hotels will call and for whole date Universal Tickets for Wednesday Tickets are for both parks and all day, located in will call Cost $ 780 Suggested addition attraction at beach Wet N Wild Cost $ 150 Family Budget $3000 Total cost of trip not including eating out $ 3090 Talk to family about budget Responsibility Matrix {draw:frame} References Avis (2009) http://www. avis. com/car-rental/reservation/modify-Time-Place. ac Southwest. com (2009) http://www. southwest. com/ Unit 2 How to Instructor Files

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Work Breakdown Structure. (2018, Jan 28). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/work-breakdown-structure/

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