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The author of the passage shares their experience of not being able to achieve their dream of becoming an engineer due to bad choices and wrong decisions. They explain how Bridging, a program that helps individuals who have faced obstacles in the past, is the right choice for them to work towards their goal. They need five more credits to graduate from high school, and Bridging provides a guaranteed spot in an undergrad program if they obtain a 73% grade. The author has become more responsible and mature and has worked out scheduling issues with their workplace to attend classes regularly. They have also budgeted for the program’s fees and personal expenses. The academic readiness checklist provided a guideline for them to assess their readiness for the program, and they acknowledge that time management and study skills are areas they need to improve on. The author believes that having physical, emotional, mental, and financial stability is necessary to succeed in the program.

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Bridging is an opportunity for those who have had obstacles in the past that prevented them to attain the future that was desired. I had once dreamed to be an engineer and throughout my high school years I had took the necessary steps to try to achieve this goal but in the end I didn’t strive for it. I let myself take the bad choice, the wrong decisions, and ultimately, I did not get to the point of my life that I wanted to be at. Bridging is the right choice and the right decision for me to again work towards this goal.

I am missing 5 credits from high school to graduate and if I were to try and acquire my OSSD I would at least need to use another year. Even if I do graduate, many of my credits would be 3rd, 4th, 5th tries. The chance of not being accepted is too great. Bridging is the most solid choice if I am accepted because it is a guarantee spot in an undergrad program if I am able to attain the 73% grade. I am growing older and I believe that I am becoming more responsible and mature about what I need to do in order for me to be successful in the future.

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I learned from my past mistakes that I need to attend class. It is the responsibility of the student if they want to do well and succeed. I have worked out the scheduling issues with my workplace and will be able to attend class regularly and punctually. I now have the right mentality about school , work and prioritizing what I need to do to shape my future right. I am currently working full-time as a plumbing apprentice/helper. I have spoken to my boss and I have worked out a part-time schedule with him that enables me to attend school and helps keep me financially afloat.

I currently am financing a vehicle and responsible for many personal expenses. If I budget correctly and stick to the budget. I should be able to manage the fees associated with the program and my expenses. The academic readiness checklist is a great guideline for anyone trying to enter the bridging program. The most difficult point on this checklist for me would be spending the time outside of school on the course work. This would be the most difficult part because of my workplace.

Although I worked out the rough edges of my work hours, I am uncertain of the amount of time that I would be able to spend reading the text in advance and writing down notes. This is also due to my inefficient studying patterns. I intend to work on my skills in studying and perhaps as the course continues I will become more efficient at note taking and reading text. I believe the first point of the checklist says it the best, “I am in a place in my life where I have physical, emotional, mental, and financial stability”.

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