Love Is The Most Powerful Force in The Universe

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Love is the strongest feeling in the universe. this feeling of utmost attention and esteem is capable of doing people look over all the bad and unbearable things of this universe. Love is capable of doing people do stuff without any control over their physical being. When one loves another. the feelings can go so strong that these two might experience like they are destined to be together everlastingly and that nil could of all time interrupt them apart. Love is a feeling that everyone feels inside at one point in their life. regardless of where they have come from or what has happened in their life. But of all the love in the universe. none is greater than the love God has for the people of this Earth. After all. the bible provinces that “For God so loved the universe that he gave his lone begotten boy and that whosoever believeth in him shall non parish but have everlasting life”-John 3:16. In this being said. God loved the universe so greatly that he believed that if he sent his boy into the universe to decease for the people and the wickednesss of this universe. that his blood being shed might merely salvage us all. Imagine a individual who loves you so much that he or she would instead decease than to see you fall into the custodies of immorality.

Imagine a being who would forgive you of anything and everything you could of all time make in this life. Imagine a topographic point where everyone is treated as equal existences and cipher is better than anyone else. As Lao Tzu one time said. “Being profoundly loved by person gives you strength. while loving person deeply gives you courage” . Love can beef up one every bit good as give one bravery and aid to happen something deserving life for. Love is a bondage between two people that can be unbreakable or a web of trust issues. after all. one has to swear person before one can truly love them right? Take a brace of honeymooners. for illustration. if the married woman doesn’t trust that her hubby will follow her through life and supply all the necessities that she needs. so how can these two of all time love one another. You have to swear person before you can truly love them to a full extent.

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“Every adult male must make up one’s mind whether he will walk in the visible radiation of originative selflessness or in the darkness of destructive selfishness”- Martin Luther King. Jr. In this quotation mark by Dr. King. he says that everyone must take whether or non to love one another and forgive those who have wronged one. or alternatively detest one another and keep scores against one those who have wronged one. If one follows in the shimmering visible radiation. one is loving and merciful. merely like God. if one creeps in the darkness. one is hateful and unwilling to forgive those who have done incorrect. merely like the Devil. “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is unseeable – it can non be seen or measured. yet it is powerful plenty to transform you in a minute. and offer you more joy than any material ownership could”- Barbara de Angelis. This clearly states that love is the strongest feeling in the universe ; love can do anyone to do picks based on love being the influence of the picks one makes in their life. and is the chief influence of people populating and deceasing for one another.

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