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A Nucleus a Day

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Wow, another exciting day is about to begin. Sometimes I get so tired of being the brains of this whole operation, but it is fun to be the boss and give the orders.

Let’s examine a typical day:I am the nucleus. My life is very complicated because there are constantly things going on and I hardly have time to talk to you. But since I started telling you about myself then I might as well finish it up. I am the most important organelle in this body that I am in; I am the brain of the cell.

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A Nucleus a Day
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My primary purpose is to control the actions inside the cell. I contain the RNA and the DNA of the cell, and both of these work together to build and control the cell. I also produce these things called proteins and they are carried by the endoplasmic reticulum to other parts of the cell. The proteins are messengers and they give the orders to the cells.

I am studded with pores that control what comes into the cell and what leaves the cell. These pores are filled with a large nuclear protein complex and these make barriers and plugs because the NPC is so big. Bigger molecules that want to enter this cell have to go through the central part. The nucleolus that is in me is the site for RNA and the packaging of ribosomal subunits for export to the cytosol.

The DNA strand is sometimes a very long molecule, and sometimes it needs to be compacted to fit into a certain spot. It can be reduced in size by rapping it around a nucleosomes arrangement of histone proteins. This can result in the DNA strand to be reduced so it will fit in the space. Well, can’t talk any longer but it was nice to take a break—-

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