A Registered Nurse Is a Nurse That Works to Promote a Good Health

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A registered nurse is a nurse that works to promote a good health and prevent illness and diseases. Registered nurses work in various places or better said various settings, but mostly they work alot in hospitals. In hospitals, nurses may work in special units such as critical care, cardiac and burn units and or maternity care. Many registered nurses in private clinics or doctors’ offices. Registered nurses also work in the community many work out with the public to talk about good health. Many are general duty nurses who focus on overall care of a patient. Registered nurse are naturally found everywhere, many registered nurses get affected my not just mentally but physically they usually need heart to be able to do their job also they need strength. They also need to be mainly brave and ready to see things they never thought they would ever see in their whole lives but mainly every nurse can take it.

A registered nurse is an individual who has graduated from either an ADN or BSN program and passed the nclex-rn. RN’s work in a variety of settings and their daily activities will vary depending on their specific work environment. However, there are some skills and situations that will be applicable to all RNs, regardless of their specific job.An er nurse will be having a more speeded fast-paced day assisting with lots of ER cases, while a hospital nurse will focus more on quality of life care for just a few patients in their final months. There is no national way when it really comes to nurse to a patient rationally, which is determined by the type of nursing. For instance, medical surgical unities typically staff one RN for every 4 to 6 patients rationally during the day shift, and one for every 6 to 10 patients rationally during the night shift. Many nurses have to complete a nursing program to be able to graduate and or pass to receive the certificates needed to be able to get the job wanted to become a registered nurse. Becoming a registered nurse is not just a job but an honor to be able to save many lives and usually nurses feel proud of themselves for saving a person.

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A registered nurse gets a salary well average salary of $39,400 the average mainly is also $29,600 to really $45,100. Many salaries really depend a lot on their educations if one is highly good there’s a better chance of more money. Private nurses are the ones who mainly charge fees and they provide for their own beneficial things. It also depends on basically their experiences how much they’ve been working their to many states pay their used slightly differently. Registered nurses mainly are found mostly in er rooms with many other doctors which are needed to save people overnight which often get paid the same even if they have longer over night shift. Registered nurses mainly need to know there careers in medicine its really important for them to know the right thing to do saving a life is so important not to you but to the family of a person. There are many kind of nursing jobs and the salary depends on all the jobs some get paid more some less just depending on the kind of job.

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