A Speech on Betrayal

All I could think about was how she could do this to me, my own sister, who trusted with everything. Couldn’t believe that she told my mom about me sneaking out on school nights. I was grounded for three weeks and wouldn’t talk to her in that time. When my grounding was over noticed my grades were higher than they’ve ever been and that she’s been in a better mood and more energetic lately. At that exact moment realized that what my sister did wasn’t in spite, but because she saw me heading down hill and wanted me to improve and be the best can be.

I’m still grateful for that to this day. ” This story just shows how betrayal can be for the better good of someone, not always just to hurt another person or put them down. Betrayal doesn’t have to be for someone you love either, it could be something. For example, in Julius Caesar Brutes betrayed Caesar by literally stabbing him in the back. Believe that what Brutes did was for his love of Rome, not for his hate of Caesar, because there was none. Brutes said, “not that loved Caesar less, but that loved Rome more. ” This just shows how Brutes was more devoted to Rome than he was to his friend, and that he did what he did because he truly believed that Caesar would only hurt Rome, not improve it. So can Betrayal really be justified? Believe so, because more than half of the time your actions are caused by a sense to help someone. And sometimes that means going against them to do what is truly right. Yes, you may be called a snitch or in Brutes’ case, a backstabber but overall you know you did what you did with good intentions, even though not everyone will see it that way.

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