A Study of Factors That Motivates Employees and Its Importance to Human Resource Management

Employees’ motivation in the Human Resource Management (HRM) has mainly been organizationally based in team building of professionals. Various scholars have identified human capital as a vital factor for any firm’s performance to directly influence the success objectives. HRM has strategized various mechanisms that make the management effective in the running of the activities and the employees’ status to working around the clock to maximize output In order to achieve the set goals, the firm has to implement new ideas of motivating factor to workforce. Accordingly, the paper gives an insight to the various motivating factors and their importance to employees working in HRM.

Motivation is a boosting factor in an organization since it bridges the gap between the willingness to work and the ability to perform a task, Bos-Nehles, Van, & Kees (2013), ascertains that with increased work performance, time consumed to work is less and the output production is ultimately increased thus minimizing the cost of production. The introduction of monetary incentives in a firm induces the workers’ desire to accomplish their task in time therefore enhancing high productivity ratio dailyi. Consequently, the market image branding by the public and investors is created thus giving rise to competition by other firms. For every workforce that produce highly, an incentive should be awarded and therefore enacting the employees to put more effort in their given tasks. The induction of incentives creates a supportive working environment whereby the cohesive relation between the management and the staff is built.

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According to Gupta, & Shaw, (2014), it is important that strategic plans to stimulate workforce be implemented according to the hierarchy thus capable to handle all the workers at a considerable state. Accordingly, HRM should be able to satisfy the basic needs at all cost in the working environment in that it is conducive to work in and apply the policies that favor them too. To an added advantage, the employees are able to relate well with the employers and investors in the company thus able to actualize the level of performance to greater heights. In conclusion, introduction of incentives by HRM has highly empowered the workers to increasing the level of output production within a short period of time. As a result, the market gap is bridged thus creating a platform of fitting in the competitive market structure. With motivation of employees the desire to work is stimulate and therefore capable to meet the tasks in the organization within the required period of time.

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