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A World Without Women

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Ikea wants to show one clear message to of its customers over the world. However Ikea has deleted all the pictures of women from its Saud-Arabian catalogue. Women in this nation are still overruled by men. While this opposes Ikea’s believes. That is why Ikea should not have compromised to Saud-Arabian cultural norms, since the company wants to provide the same experience and products in all of their markets. First of all, this happening contradicts with the reality. Most families exist at least out of one woman and one man.

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A World Without Women
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The world is not populated entirely by single dads and their children. Women cannot be erased out of reality. Furthermore, the pictures contradict with Ikea’s values, since they want to be a modern company and clearly said in a statement: “Ikea’s values support the fundamental human rights of all people”. Then again they do not show this in their Saud-Arabian magazines. Plus many countries differs from values, but still get the same catalogues.

So why is Saudi-Arabian the only exception?

What makes them so special compared to Ikea’s other markets? Secondly, all women and men have equal rights. Ikea did not show equal employment opportunities in this case. Women could not apply for being a model in their magazine, only men could. The company did not show fair treatment. While women can do the same as men. For example: Hillary Clinton or Angela Merkel, women who are one of the many examples of a successful business woman. These edited pictures did cause only more bitterness and hatred among the world.

Besides, according to the Saud-Arabian law: Women and Men have equal rights. So if Ikea did not edit their images, they would not violate the Arabic act. Furthermore, the country loses intellectual capital without the working women. If women would not work there would be a shortage of employees, since half of the world consist out of women and some jobs are more interesting for women than for men. A family’s income will also decrease; as woman would be unemployed the man would be the only breadwinner in the family.

Moreover, some females can have a better perspective on certain things than males. For example, female products as skirts and high heels, these goods are mostly designed by women, since women wear them and know what looks good on them. In conclusion, deleting the pictures in this magazine reverses with the reality, nowadays women have the right to get the same opportunities as men and without the working women the world will have shortage of employees. That is why Ikea group must not follow the Saud-Arabian social standards.

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A World Without Women. (2017, Jan 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/a-world-without-women/

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