About bmw’s swot analysis.


The research I conducted for this study was chiefly based upon information found on the company ‘s web site and other resources which related to my research. The beginnings I used for this research were dependable sites and presently dated. Most of the information I found was biased towards the company and did non hold adequate information on the subjects I was researching. The information found was sentiments of sellers for the company and non facts. Another issue was the writers of the information were non known of and no information was provided about them, doing the beginnings unbelievable. Below are the strengths, failings, chances and menaces for the company I researched which has been placed into a swot analysis graph.

Executive Summary

The company selected for this undertaking is Bavarian Motor Works, otherwise known as BMW.In this study includes a grind analysis ( strengths, failings, chances and menaces ) .Other facets researched were merchandise portfolio, market portions, profitableness of the company, and employment.Since BMW produces high terminal vehicles and bikes, it is of import for the clients to see these facets of the company.All of these facets are of import in appealing to a planetary market.I have exposed four major strengths, failings, chances and menaces.

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In 1916 the company was founded as Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke by Otto Werke, and so subsequently became Bayerische Motoren Werke.They prospered during the first World War doing aircraft engines in Munich, Germany.It was n’t until 1945 that they started bring forthing autos for the Soviet occupiers.Their first bike was completed in 1947 and was shortly ready for export in 1950.With the enlargement of the turning company it built more workss with the largest being in Dingolfing, Germany.In 1970 Herbert Quandt made it non merely a European company but expanded it to an International company.Throughout the 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s they non merely expanded mill wise but besides with new products.They acquired the Rolls Royce Company which is another high terminal auto and besides Mini Cooper to appeal to the lower terminal consumers.BMW started in 1916 as a little concern and now it has grown to one of the most accepted auto company ‘s around the universe.


Strength1 ) Well-known and a strong trade name globally.2 ) High Budget.3 ) Highly skilled labor.4 ) Ad.

Failing1 ) Research and Development.2 ) High monetary values.3 ) BMW is a well-known company with a high position stigmatization.4 ) Customer demands.

Opportunity1 ) Invention and Alliances.2 ) Diversification.3 ) New Technology.4 ) New Line.

Menace1 ) Chinese Manufacturers.2 ) Rising Fuel Monetary values.3 ) Mercedes and Audi.4 ) Recession.



BMW is a well-known company with a high position stigmatization that has a really high acknowledgment factor.

BMW has advertised their autos to consumers through media and movie industry greatly over the old ages demoing that their autos are built for all categories.

Another Strength is that they have high budget to put which can pay for labor, services, or merchandise research. This means that BMW is a profitable company who has adequate money to put.

they besides have extremely skilled labor, as BMW is a large company they need skilled labors to do their merchandises because BMW is a branded company, if the labor is hapless the merchandises will be inexpensive and they can free clients. To do clients they have to put more. The more they invest, more they make net income.


Developing new theoretical accounts, is it truly deserving it.Each twenty-four hours BMW is endeavoring to bring forth and develop new autos to fulfill the customers.In the long tally, who really knows if these autos are traveling to be a large hit.The company might really be blowing their clip and money in bring forthing a theoretical account that will non be worthwhile.When developing and bring forthing autos it is of import to work out whether or non the auto will go one that is popular on the market.

Another failing of the BMW industry is acquiring the clients to purchase these cars.Hybrid vehicles will salvage you fuel, but it will be so expensive that it might be difficult seeking to happen clients to purchase them at such a high price.Another ground the monetary value of the vehicle is so high is because they are shipped across the United States and besides come from a mill in Germany.The disbursals of the vehicles and the transportation rate are what make BMW ‘s autos so expensive.

BMW holding created such a high position of their trade name they can non afford to hold any ruins this will destruct the trade name which has developed over the old ages to be a trade name that ensures clients their receiving quality and flawlessness for their money.

BMW has had a golden buttons to bring forth autos with complicated and instead upseting user interfaces in their autos compared to their challengers who go for a more simplistic and user friendly environment in their autos.


BMW has a great chance to increase its profitableness by invention and confederations. BMW has a great history of confederations such as its purchase of Rolls Royce which do n’t merely bring forth the universe ‘s finest autos but is besides the biggest maker of airplane engines. On the invention side BMW has a tie up with alpine among others to manner and modify their autos in order to do it more appealing to their clients.

A trade name driven by man of affairs in Europe to sheiks in Dubai. BMW is so a diverse trade name ; this diverseness gives BMW the chance to sell its autos to people around the Earth doing it one of the most celebrated trade names.

BMW was the first company to make X thrust which increases stableness and efficiency whilst drive. Customers who look for such a thing shall merely be able to acquire it from BMW as they are the lone 1s which the engineering. Such engineering gives BMW the chance to be at the front line of engineering in the automotive industry now with loanblends a great demand in today ‘s market BMW being the first to develop this engineering before its rivals.

BMW has an chance of developing new merchandises i.e. they release a new line of autos that can aim different markets sections such as the lower category O supplying they luxury of their confederations in their autos giving their clients more so what they ask for.


Chinese auto industries pose the biggest menace now yearss to BMW. Chinese auto industries are bring forthing autos indistinguishable to BMW with far better engineering and a batch lower pricing to their clients.

The rise in fuel monetary values has a great impact to BMW ‘s public presentation line of autos, compared to other public presentation autos in the same line as BMW, BMW ‘s auto are known to be a batch higher in ingestion of fuel.

BMW ‘s rivals are their biggest menace. BMW, Mercedes and Audi have ever been in competition bring forthing similar autos throughout their history, BMW has ever been on the top but in recent old ages Mercedes and Audi have produced autos with far better design, engineering and cost of running.

The recession has caused auto industries to cut costs and cut down their labor force this could take to a ruin in BMW ‘s quality and gross revenues. The release of new theoretical accounts during the recession could hold a great impact on the immense investings on research and lower net income borders.


They are certain topographic points where BMW falls behind its challengers. The recommendations on bettering these ruins are as follow

BMW has to happen a manner to cut down monetary values, particularly in these hard times. BMW ‘s greatest challengers Mercedes and Audi are all either cheaper or on par with BMW. Audi is comparably cheaper than BMW where as Mercedes is on par with BMW on monetary values but taking into consideration the user interface of Mercedes the monetary value is justified. BMW should look back at into their design phases and happen a manner of cutting back costs without compromising on quality in order to hold better priced autos and remain in front of the competition.

BMW ‘s user interfaces are really complicated. It as though it was non built for the general populace. BMW needs to give this serious consideration as even though their autos drive and feel great. It is their i-drive system that lacks. Using thoughts from their subordinates such as Rolls Royce, BMW can use a similar user interface to their autos with no extra cost therefore doing their clients happy and get the better ofing the job.

The current environment demands greener more fuel efficient autos, BMW even though holding the engineering and holding spent big sum of money on this country have failed to implement their research to their production lines.


This study fundamentally tells you about BMW ‘s SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. BMW ‘s chief Strength is their trade name name, high budget, their extremely skilled labor and advertisement. Failings are their high pricing to their autos ; due to this the rivals can hold an advantage. BMW has created a high outlook seting them in the limelight. If one of the merchandises loses its trade name image so the whole group can lose its trade name image. They have few Opportunities such as that they can unify with other international companies and advance their merchandises. They can come in a new market supplying low terminal autos. BMW ‘s menaces are Chinese auto industries bring forthing similar autos. Bing a company of such high qualities such industries should non be a menace to them and they should be able to guarantee their clients of their merchandise.

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