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Swot Analysis of Milk Market

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Economic recession 2. Flavor of product 3. Fresh material 4. Increase of cost 5. Social Responsibilities The economic crisis impact heavily to medium and small Company In the case of worse financial, the consumer need a consideration between a homemade Soya milk, bean curd or grass jelly that they can buy ingredients such as Soya bean, fruit juice then mix them together and buy an completed products in super market or convenient store. This maybe a threat with Mr. Bean. Secondly, Mr. Bean is one the first company produce products mainly from Soya bean.

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Swot Analysis of Milk Market
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However, the products of company are very commonly such as Soya milk, ice-cream, Soya milk with variety flavors from fruit juice. The advantage comparative of Mr. Bean is the fresh product. So that the company need to keep it well continuously. Other company like F&N or Kopa can also do the same. So that, Mr. Bean have to a featured of each product. One more threat is the fresh material.

Singapore’s government is always attract in food hygiene and safety. So that, the fresh material providing for customer fresh product from soya bean. uccessful company is a company that gained the trust of consumers. Mr. Bean have built a well brand in customer’s mind since 1995 up to now. And now, they need still focusing on the import material for produce product such as the origin of material, how the farmer plant its. Mr Bean Company. 2009. Mr Bean. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. mrbean. com. sg/our_promise. aspx. [Accessed 30 September 12] In the economic recession, the cost of every thing is going up. The salary cost need to go up to help the employees pay all the bills.

The increase in salary would make the profit of company deducted that will impact to the future’s plan of the company. Otherwise, the cost of material is also a problem that Mr. Bean has been faced. The last thing is the responsible of company with society. The customer will always have a good sense with a company that always improve the life of People. So that, Company needs more and more the social activities to help a difficulty live in life. Mr Bean Company. 2009. Mr Bean. [ONLINE] Available at:http://www. mrbean. com. sg/social_responsibilities. aspx. [Accessed 29 September 12]

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