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It is really of import that Scotfoods Plc reference this issue, because employee absence degrees are truly of import to the concern, as it can impact companies net income degrees. If they do n’t turn to this issue shortly they will get down to lose their net incomes and they will besides hold to get down replacing staff, which will ensue in more money lost as they will hold to develop new employees and that could be rather dearly-won.

Causes of absence

Job dissatisfaction – it could be caused by the repetitiousness of undertakings, employee might acquire bored making the same things every individual twenty-four hours therefore he/she will non desire to travel to the work.

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Personal jobs – like kid attention, fiscal jobs etc.

Stress – employees normally get stressed if they ca n’t maintain up with the work load or if there are struggles, bad relationships within the company.

Transportation system jobs – jobs with acquiring to and from work, may


Committedness jobs – employees are non committed to their occupation or company.

Absenteeism can be measured by entering how many yearss employees are non in work and maintaining a record of every employee ‘s absence degrees.

How to command and cut down absence?

Motivating employees – employees can be motivated by implementing wages system, honoring those employees who have reached the set ends on clip and those who have showed some sort of committedness to the company like diminishing absenteeism.

Changing working environment – this could be done by doing work topographic point more comfy and seting in modern equipment, because no 1 would desire to come to work if you would hold to sit in a dull, out of day of the month office.

Making attending policy – policy that describes and informs every employee about the effects of absenteeism and how it ‘s traveling to be dealt with if it ‘s excessively high.


For Scotfoods Plc I would urge utilizing “ motive ” as their method of cut downing absence degrees by making a wages system because money is the best incentive therefore it will actuate employees to come to work because they will cognize that they will acquire rewarded for that at the terminal.

I would besides urge them to regularly cod informations on absence degrees within the company.

Training – Different Training Methods

It is important for Scotfoods Plc to turn to this issue, because if employees are non being trained and on a regular basis updating their accomplishments it will hold an consequence on their public presentation and costumiers will get down to kick which will hence hold an consequence on companies net income degrees and besides on its public image. Employee preparation has some benefits for the company like:

Training can salvage money as its cheaper to re-train bing employee alternatively of enrolling new one

Productivity will increase as preparation will heighten employees bing accomplishments

Regular employee preparation will assist the company to remain in front of competition

Training Need Analysis

Training demand analysis helps to place the spread between the accomplishments company demands and those the employees already have. It involves garnering informations that allows the company to choose the best possible solutions of make fulling this spread. When the spread is identified and analysed they can get down developing their employees.

Training demand analysis is of import because companies net income degrees and client satisfaction depends on holding the right sum of skilled employees.

Training Methods

There are assorted developing methods that can be used to develop or re-train employees. Training methods are divided in 2 groups there are in-house preparation and off-job preparation.

In-house preparation

In house preparation is normally done while employees are making their regular occupation, because it saves money and clip.

Types of in house preparation:

Job rotary motion – it involves traveling employees trough different occupations to increase their assortment accomplishments and motive. This helps employees to larn a small spot about every function.

One to one training – this type of preparation is normally carried out by Line Manager. This involves giving advice to the employee and so reexamining his/her public presentation and puting higher outlooks for the following period.

Job shadowing – this is where an employee has an chance to work aboard with person who already is making the occupation. This allows him/her to derive first had experience of the function, the responsibilities and processs.

Advantages of in-house preparation

In house preparation saves clip as you do n’t hold to go to developing Centres and trainees do n’t hold to take out clip from work as it ‘s done while they are making their regular work

It besides saves money, as employers do n’t hold to put money in going disbursals, booking preparation Centres.

You can turn to each employees specific developing demands

Off-job preparation

Off the occupation preparation involves employee developing off from existent working environment, outside his/her work topographic point.

Types of in house preparation:

Simulations – employee participates in a world based activity, where he/she reduplicates actions required on the occupation.

Day let go of – involves employee taking some clip out from occupation to travel to the preparation Centre or college.

Self find – this involves employees larning on their ain utilizing books and research.

Conference – this method is really good for those who need to larn how to work out jobs that may happen in the on the job environment. A group of people are asked to see a specific issue and make an understanding about what could be done to decide this issue.

Advantage of off-job preparation

Employees can concentrate on preparation without being without being disrupted by work

They have an chance to be trained by specializers

Off occupation preparation besides gives them an chance to blend with employees from other companies, this could be good because they could larn organize each other


For Scotfoods Plc I would urge Off-Job Training, because communicating between staff has non been really good therefore in-house preparation would be uneffective as some of the methods require communicating between employees.

Before get downing developing need analysis Scotfoods Plc should look at their budget because developing sometimes can be rather expensive depending on the figure of employees that need to be trained. After they know what they can afford to pass on employee preparation they should garner informations on every employee – what skills they already have and what skills they need or need to better on. After garnering all the necessary information Scotfoods Plc should develop a specific preparation program for each employee.


Appraisals are used to measure employee ‘s public presentation and to assist employer to place any jobs and future preparation demands. Appraisals are besides used to better company ‘s public presentation.

Advantages of public presentation assessments

Helps to place preparation demands and development demands

Increased employee motive, as they will have a fillip, reward if their public presentation is good, and if the public presentation improves their fillips addition in the consequence

Increased communicating between employee and the director, as the director will hold an chance to run into with the employee to discourse his/her public presentation and supply a feedback about employee ‘s public presentation

Provides a record on each employee in the company

Gives an chance to put ends for the following period

Brands employees feel like their work is recognised and that they are more apprehended

Disadvantages of public presentation assessments

Can be quite clip devouring if there a batch of employees in the company

Is a waste of clip if they are delivered falsely

Can be nerve-racking for the employee and besides for director who deals with assessments


As there are more advantages to assessments so disadvantages I would extremely urge Scotfoods Plc the undermentioned assessment methods:

Behaviourally anchored evaluation graduated tables ( BARS ) – it focuses on specific employee behaviors, this method indicates if employee ‘s public presentation is effectual or uneffective. ( Please see Appendix 1 to see an illustration )

360 Appraisal – it involves garnering anon. feedback from director, internal clients, equals and direct studies about employee ‘s public presentation

Critical incident method – this method involves director composing down the good and bad public presentation behavior of employee over the period of clip

Using these appraisal methods will do Scotfoods Plc employees feel to a greater extent apprehended and this will ensue in better public presentation and increased net incomes.


Initiation is a procedure of debut new employees to the company by traveling through all the processs and ordinances like heath and safety process. It besides gives an chance for new employees to be introduced to other people in the company. Initiation is normally done before the new employees start really working.

The intent of Initiation

To cut down opportunities of employee early go forthing the company because it can be really dearly-won for the company as they will hold to enroll some new and go through the preparation once more

To welcome new employees to the company so that they feel comfy

To present new employees to the other people within the company which will assist them to pass on with each other better when they really start working

To give a brief information on company ‘s history, its civilization and values

To travel through the process and policies of the company

To give new employees an chance to acquire familiar with the installations in the company, circuit of the premises

To present new employees with their responsibilities and duties within the company

This is why initiation is really of import because it ensures that new employees are productive every bit shortly as they start working

Good initiation process reduces the hazard of high staff turnover and a possibility of hapless public presentation from new employees.

It is besides of import to maintain a checklist for each employee of the countries which have been covered during the initiation procedure.

Example of Induction Checklist ( Please see Appendix 2 )


All employees must manus in an income revenue enhancement signifier from old employer. Employees will besides have few signifiers from the company like wellness and safety regulations, book of company disciplinary regulations and ordinances.

Employers normally merely make the employee enchiridion which contains all the necessary information that new staff need to cognize such as:

Health and safety regulations

Disciplinary regulations

Information about rewards, when and how they ‘re traveling to be paid

Information about vacations

Bonus strategies


Information on preparation and calling chances

Medical installations, etc


I would urge Scotfoods Plc to develop an initiation process to guarantee that all employees know what they are making and to cut down the possibility of accidents. They should besides do certain that all the new employees settle rapidly in the company because that will ensue in increased production and better public presentation and besides will do them experience more involved and satisfied with their occupation. As new employees are normally really motivated initiation process will do certain that this motive is toughened and boosted up.

Recruitment and Selection – Interviewing

The intent of questioning is to garner necessary information about the campaigner which will let the assessors to analyze this information and predict whether the campaigner is right for the place and besides make anticipations of his/her future public presentation. It besides aims to present the company to the employee in a good manner, so that he/she has a good feeling about the company and about their goods/services they provide. After the interview is done it gives interviewee an chance to inquire any inquiries he/she might hold associating to the salary scope or about the responsibilities or duties associated with the place.

Advantages of Interviews

Provides employer with an chance to inquire employee inquiries about old experiences

Allows employer to give information about the company and the occupation

Enable interviewees to inquire inquiries about the occupation, preparation and calling prospectus

Gives an chance to the interviewer to happen out more about interviewees personality

Allows interviewer to happen out if the campaigner has good communicating accomplishments which may be necessary for the occupation

Disadvantages of Interviews

Can be quite clip devouring if you have a batch of people to interview

Interviews rely on the accomplishments of the interviewer, and most of the people are rather bad at questioning

It can besides be rather expensive

Can take to bias, if there is no another sentiment

Types of Interviews

Unstructured interviews – this type of interview does n’t hold any set format or any inquiries made in progress. Questions are made up on a topographic point depending on interviewee ‘s responses.

Structured interviews – the interviewer has a set of inquiries that are asked to all the campaigners. This type of interview ensures that all campaigners are treated reasonably.

Situational interviews – a campaigner is asked inquiries on a specific state of affairs that he/she might confront at work. This type of interview helps to see if the campaigner has job work outing accomplishments.


For Scotfoods Plc I recommend Situational Interviews, because the inquiries that are asked in this type of interview are asked to see if interviewee has job work outing accomplishments and besides analytical accomplishments and besides situation-solving accomplishments, which are really of import and good for any occupation. This type of interview will assist Scotfoods Plc select the best possible campaigners for the places within the company.


I have done research on few issues under HR Processes and made recommendations on how they could be solved if Scotfoods Plc chose the right methods of deciding each job. The recommendations that I have made are based on the jobs that Scotfoods Plc is sing and if they are used they can ensue in increased net incomes, increased motive of employees and besides improved public presentations.


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Appendix 1

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