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What Makes People Happy?



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    In the life, many people live to find the answer for the question “what is the happiness? ”. A lot of people believe that it comes from the poverty, the fame, power or influence. We can be certain that they are true or false, but in my opinion, the happiness can be created simply from a good health, feeling of love and the faith in life. A good health plays an important role of a happy life. There is an idiom “having a good health is having all”. A healthy person works more effectively than a weak one.

    Moreover, with strong body, people can enjoy their lives by doing what they want. Is a millionaire happy to spend his money on entertainment if he always gets poor health? No, I think he isn’t. Without health, it’s difficult to do anything. The next one brings joy to life that is the feeling of being fully loved. The power of love can help people more happy and less upset. That means when we are sharing, the joy becomes double and sorrow becomes half.

    Problems can be solved if we exchange together. Thanks to human love, people feel safer, more confident than ones living lonely. Of course, they are more happy as well. The last one, a key to open the happiness that is the faith to life. Whenever being sorrow or unlucky, just smile and think positively. The writter Lev Tonstoy said that “ The faith is the force of life”. He means that, however the difficulty is, we should believe that we can overcome and try our best.

    In fact, there were many patients getting over their serious disease and have a happy life after a long time they keep faith and fight to be survive. If we are faithful, we will easily feel the happiness in the life. In conclusion, the meaning of happiness is unsimilar to many different people. While a lot of them are finding in illusion ways from money, wealthy or power, why don’t we create our happy life from having good health, loving each other and keeping our hopefulness?

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