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Active and Passive Students

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An active student and a passive student There are two types of students, active and passive. Each type of student pursues their education differently. The more committed the student is to achieving a goal related to education the more active they are likely to be. The passive type generally fails to find a great deal of satisfaction or accomplishment as a student. This difference can affect the students’ future, as it will have an impact on the student’s grades.

An active student and a passive student are also different in terms of their personality, their involvement in the pursuit of education and the energy they exert in their daily routine.

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Active and Passive Students
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| | | | The personality of an active student is markedly different from that of a passive student. An active student can be a type A personality, where they are highly competitive, impatient, time conscious, controlling, ambitious, aggressive, they are often over achieving workaholics who enjoy multitasking, always meeting deadlines and are frustrated by delays.

On the other hand, a passive student is the closer to the opposite, they usually have a type B personality and are going through the motions to achieve the degree they are paying for and nothing more. This student is more relaxed, easygoing, patient and usually lacks a dominant sense of pressure. Active students are more involved in their pursuit for academic excellence as compared to passive students. Active students, like their name suggest actively pursue academic excellence.

This is done by attending lectures daily, reading books in the library for several hours, being involved in extra-curricular activities, having group studies to find out what information from other students, just typically being a work horse. This is the student who is likely to run for student office, do what is necessary to get a highly valuable scholarship or take part in debate team. This type of student finds completing their degree with good grades is very achievable.

On the positive side, the passive student will work consistently, complete work on time and take time to rest and relax. Negatively, this is also the type of student who will miss classes, take a number of short cuts to get through school without applying themselves and possibly drop out. The amount of energy exerted by both types of students is different, since they are opposite of each other. Active student exerts great amounts of energy; in contrast, a passive student exerts the least amount of energy in their studies.

An active student with a type A personality has the sense of urgency of doing everything on time, so they exert maximum amount of energy when they do their school work. A passive student on the other hand, takes everything lightly and exerts minimum possible energy into their school work. Passive students rather just “chill out” and relax. The type of student you are will affect your grades, therefore affecting their future.

If you at a young age develop good study habits and really care about your work then you will benefit from it for the rest of your life. Not only when you are in highschool is this important, but if you continue into higher education. I am sure that it is everyone’s goal to be an active student. But it is all up to the student, hopefully he or she will realize how important it is knowing and learning the components that it takes to be either a passive or active student.

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Active and Passive Students. (2016, Oct 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/active-and-passive-students/

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