Passive Aggressive Behavior

Psychological research applies to various aspects of social life by exploring forces within a person, the persons traits, attitudes and their goals. Also the research helps explore the forces within a situation, the social norms and the incentives. Research is done on the social worlds in order to get an understanding by the social psychologists on why people behave, think and feel as they do. The psychologist design many programs that are evaluated and pass them on to several employers. This help the employers choose the appropriate employees to complete the job.

A type of behavior that I would like to address that a lady whom is very close to me in my social life exhibits is passive aggressiveness. Passive aggressive behavior is defined as a long term condition in which a person seems to actively comply with the desires and needs of others, but actually passively resists them. The condition that precede passive aggressiveness is insecurity. The person tends to exert control. There is always a fear of competition and dependency. The person who suffers from passive aggressive behavior always end to blame others for their own failures.

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The passive aggressive person is often prone to make sarcastic comments and offer condescending opinions. The consequences that follow passive aggressive behavior is the person becomes increasingly hostile and angry. Because this person becomes hostile and angry at times, this person could very well be a difficult person to work with. The person never really complete anything that they start. This could also lead to procrastination. The person may only start projects as means to please others. They normally do not complete the tasks that they start, because it is sometimes hard for others to deal with them on a lot of situations.

Psychology can be used to explain the passive aggressive behavior by describing the behavior and the practical impact the passive aggressive behavior can have on the person. Psychology can also be used to help determine solutions to help the person who has the passive aggressive behavior to lead a more productive and effective life. Without the research being done thru psychology, the passive aggressive b behavior could really be a problem. The lady that I would like to discuss is a very outgoing person. She tends to always try to agree on all matters at hand.

For some reason, she does not have a lot of self esteem. Some of the ethical dilemmas that can arise from my observations of this person is that this seems to be a behavioral pattern. This problem just does not occur in certain situations. She always seem to be withdrawn. There are times when I believe she arrives late on purpose. Anytime we ask her “what is wrong” she would go on to say “nothing” “I was just thinking. “ We all know that this is not true, because she actually has a problem with whatever may have went on, but I guess to please others, she would say that nothing is wrong.

She always seem to be the type of person, who is always reaching out to others. There always seem to be a problem with her self esteem. She feels as if she has to look up to the person. One day we all was sitting around and I knew she was upset with a couple of us and we asked her “Are you mad”, “what is wrong. “ now all she could say was, “nothing. “ She also seems resentful at times. There are even times when she is trying to sabotage a certain situation. Another dilemma that may come about is when we are working on projects with her, she always seem to never finish anything that she starts.

She can sometimes be an extremely hard person to work with. I feel that she is mainly hard to work with because, she loses her temper very fast. There are also times when she constantly blame me and everyone else for any problems that she may be causing herself. Even when she is dealing with her significant other, she will retreat off into a moment of hostile silence. There are even times when she does this to us. No matter, what we always seem to try to say or do, there are always ups and downs.

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