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The Passive Solar Design 

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    A passive solar house uses nature to power itself, and by its ability to take maximum advantage of the suns’ energy and power, it minimizes the use of mechanical and electrical energy, and produces free energy. Getting free energy is important because “The variety of fuels used to generate electricity all have some impact on the environment. Fossil fuel power plants release air pollution, require large amounts of cooling water, and can mar large tracts of land during the mining process. Nuclear power plants are generating and accumulating copious quantities of radioactive waste that currently lack any repository. Even renewable energy facilities can affect wildlife (fish and birds), involve hazardous wastes, or require cooling water”. And that is why our team, red ocean, has a marvelous yet safe investment for you. We are here to create a modest and simple passive solar house, which requires an average of 30% less energy for heating than a conventional house,, in the future, our house, will grow to be a passive solar design neighborhood.

    Each house that we create is going to use clean energy, so we can combat global warming, acid rain, and ozone depletion. This house is not only going to be good and safe for the environment but it is also going to be a beautiful and comfortable house with large windows a lot of sunlight inside. This house will be located in Larchmont New York. Larchmont is a perfect place for our house to be build because it has the perfect orientation for solar glazing which is 5 degrees of true south. The only thing is that, “In New York, magnetic north as indicated in the compass is 10 degrees west of true north,”which should be corrected when planning for orientation of south glazing. Another reason of why Larchmont New York is a perfect place to make a passive solar design is that it has a bunch of trees that shed during the winter, allowing more sunlight to hit the house in order to make it cooler, and in the summer all the leaves in the tree start to grow again which keeps the sunlight from directly hitting the house and keeps it cool and comfortable during the summer days.

    There are a lot of elements that take part in the making of a good and stable passive solar design house, our team has chosen 10 main external greening elements to make sure that our house turns out marvelous. We have chosen a lot with enough south exposure, so we can put a big window facing south. A south facing window is necessary for the house to absorb heat, so it can be nice and warm during a winter night. We have also chosen a lot which is orientated east west, which allows solar entry taking advantage of more of the suns potential energy. Even though the heating of the house is very important, the cooling of it is too. And that is why our team included external shutters to minimize the suns heat during the summer. In addition to that, we also included an overhang to block the mid-day sun. And on top of that there will be seasonal trees that allows the winter sun to come through and it blocks the summer sun. The house will also include a low northern wall, creating the illusion of a more spacious and bigger house. And a storage room to facilitate space consumption. Another important element is an isolated entry way, which allows sun to hit the northern walls.

    Last but not least the house will have elevated ground allowing the water tanks to be under it and work more efficiently. Not only that but our team has also chosen other 10 elements for internal greening that will make sure that the house is reaching its highest level of efficiency. Stating by a recycled door which saves mat, is eco friendly, and is economical. Followed by, recycled floors which are also eco friendly, economical, and saves mat. In addition, the house will be painted with milk paint which is good for the environment, in contrary to regular paint. The house will be running in solar panels which are energy efficient and economical. The tiles of the house will be made out of clay, making them not acidic. The house will include garden-compost making it eco friendly. It will also include water filtration, in order to save water, and an electric cooktop, which uses no gasoline. And a ceiling opening, bringing in natural light for the inside of the house. And of course last but not least, a bio-ethanol fire place- “The biofuel used in this appliance, also called ethyl alcohol, is derived from agricultural products, primarily corn, Crouch says. Ethanol fireplaces (at right) tend to have sleek contemporary designs and be used in urban settings instead of natural gas, he says. But they are not for serious heat.”

    How to choose an eco-friendly fireplace which produces natural heating for the house. A passive solar design will help you lower your energy bills all year round because you will be using free energy.  “The National Renewable Energy Lab and the American Solar Energy Society have actually conducted a survey of passive solar homes across the US, from different states experiencing different needs and climates. Their study found that the annual savings in heating these homes ranged from $200 to $2,255 in 2002. Over a 30-year lifespan, that meant savings of between $6,000 and over $67,000. And that was with fuel prices much lower than they are now, more than ten years after the survey! If you take an average fuel cost rise of only 5% a year (which is very low) and recalculate, you’re looking at savings of between $13,000 and $150,000 over that same 30-year period. If energy prices rise by an average of 10% per year, you could save the cost of building the entire house.” Not only that but in the future, the fuel cost will rise, and you will keep one saving money from your initial investment. The house is also strong a durable, and will not need to have many operations and repairs.

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