Advertising: Modern Day Brainwashing

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The techniques of brainwashing and mind control involve manipulating an individual’s perception, cognition, emotions, decision-making, and behavior over time so that they lose their freedom of choice (“Mind Control Today”). Formerly limited to authoritarian and totalitarian governments, these methods are now used by advertising companies and mass media. The consequences of adopting these tactics for mind control parallel those in political and economic realms. Malcom X emphasized the immense power held by the media as they have influence over the minds of the masses. Advertisers and corporations…show more content…

Advertisers and marketers are primarily interested in subliminal manipulation because it allows them to control involuntary actions, emotions, and beliefs of consumers. The subconscious mind, which processes about 20,000 pieces of information per second, is the primary target for these manipulations. In contrast, the conscious mind can only handle about forty pieces of information at a time. This means that any subliminal message received by the subconscious can be processed and responded to by consumers without their awareness. As a result, advertisers have the potential to influence consumers to desire and purchase products without conscious control (Winder).

The effects of this mind control become evident when individuals develop altered beliefs and values over time. When this controlling process continues in various ways for an extended period, it leads to brainwashing. Interestingly, Steve Hassan explains that brainwashing involves viewing the manipulator as a hostile enemy while mind control involves perceiving the manipulator as a friend or helper with the targeted person willingly participating. As a manipulator, advertisers aim to dismantle the consumer’s old identity and establish a new one that aligns with their own beliefs, values, and ideas (Mind Control Today).

We often underestimate the power of subliminal manipulation and its impact on our thoughts and actions.

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