My Experiences with Alcohol or Drugs

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What are my experiences with alcohol or drugs? I myself have never tried any alcoholic drink or any kinds of illegal drugs. Since I have never been drunk or wasted, or very rarely been around someone who is, I will have to describe a few times when my fiancee and my sister have one to many shots. The first time Kennie (my fiancee) and my sister got drunk together we were at Kennies house. Kelly, my sisters best friend was there and the party began. Black cherry wine coolers-8 of them, and a bottle of Gold Schluger. The first half of the night was fine, then the alcohol began kicking in. Lysette and Kelly were laughing so hard at nothing that Kennie and I began laughing also, we all were laughing so hard we were crying and none of us could get up off the floor. Later on, Kennie was in the bathroom throwing up, and Lysette became extremely emotional. She was angry and upset and began crying all because of some rumors that Kellys bother was spreading.

At the end of the night everything was OK and I drove Kelly and Lysette home. This incident did not bother me because no one was totally wasted. Another time when Kennie and my sister have gotten drunk my twin cousins Debbie and Darbi were out for a visit. They are only 16, Lysette is only 18 and Kennie is 22. We were at Kennies house again and I was to drive the girls home. Again there were 8 wine coolers, and another bottle of Gold Schluger. Well, I was rather nervous now because if Londa, My aunt found out that they were planning on doing, I was going to be skinned alive! Both of the girls, told my sister and me that they drank at parties when there at home.

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Beer, vodka, and other stuff. What shocked the stuffing out of me was after one and a half wine cooler they were both a little more happy and loud. Then came the Gold—-one shot each, that I did not mind, but Darbi kept sneaking shots, so of course Debbie wanted more. I think they each had three shots. The next thing I know, Debbie is outside throwing up, and Darbi is in the bathroom doing the same!!!We finally got home and Darbi was OK, but poor Deb was very sick. We had to tell Linda that the pizza we ordered was bad and Debbie got sick off of it. She was already not feeling well, and the alcohol only made it worse. I was scared to go home because I just knew I was going to get it. I am the oldest and therefor should not have let it happen. I was just as guilty as they were.

The last time Kennie and Lysette drank we were at Scoot and Heathers house (Kennies brother and my cousin who are married.) Our friends Maury and Toad were there also. Another bottle of Gold was drunkthis time the $21 bottle. I was driving Kennie and Lysette home that night, and what a night I had. The night started out fine, an occasional shot and nothing more. Then, heather Maury and I went to take the dog home, and when we came back to the house, Kennie, Lysette, and Toad were pretty far gone. Lysette could not even walk into the bathroom without walking into the walls. Some of the night was funny, but I was the one on the line. Lysette kept apologizing to me mixing up her words and repeating herself.

She was getting on my nerves!! We dropped Kennie off (who had become extremely rude towards me) and Lysette was so drunk that I began yelling at her to shut up. She was very sick and began throwing up in the bathroom and finally made it to her bed so I got the trash can and placed it next to her bed, she used the trash can a lot during the night. The next day she had such a hang over that she had to call in sick. I never got in trouble, because my mom thought she had the flu. One thing that bothers me is every time Kennie drinks he asks me if I will try it, and so do my friends. Their theory is “you cannot like it if you have never tried it.” I simply have no desire to try it, I have more fun watching. I have never been around much alcohol, my parents do not drink, my dog does not drink anymore ( he would have 1 beer with lunch). My Grammers never drank when we were growing up. My friends do not drink often, so I am not around it much. I am very fortunate in that aspect. Bibliography:

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