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Alpha Three Partners

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Subpart D Occupational Health and Environmental ControlsMedical Services and First Aid (OSHA 1926.50)-Alpha Three Partners shall secure the expert advice of medical professionals in all matters pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety.

-Alpha Three Partners requires that multiple employees, including supervisory employees, receive First Aid or First Responder certification. Furthermore, said employees must maintain current certifications. -Complete emergency contact information shall be posted in multiple areas and in plain sight of all employees -Contact information shall include names, phone numbers and driving directions of the nearest hospital.

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-In some areas, 911 will be a sufficient phone number; however, the policy of Alpha Three Partners requires job sites to always have the complete contact information of the nearest health care provider or hospital and post the information conspicuously.

-Emergency transportation in medical crises will be provided by Alpha Three when there is no alternative or the need is too great to wait for an ambulance. -Eyewash facilities will be readily available to employees within the work area at appropriate locations.

-First aid supplies shall be kept up to date in locations on every job site. Supplies will be stored according to all manufacturer specifications to avoid damage to any materials/supplies.

-First aid kits will be monitored weekly for replenishment of used, damaged or depleted materials by the safety manager of each jobsite.

-Jobsite safety managers will refer to ANSI Z308.1-1978 to determine the minimum requirements for first aid supplies.

-The safety managers for Alpha Three Partners shall consult with their medical advisors to determine any further requirements as determined by the individual working conditions of each job site. Sanitation (OSHA 1926.51)Potable Water-An adequate supply of drinking water shall be provided on site and stored in clearly labeled containers.

-Water dispensers must remain closed to prevent contaminants from entering. Dipping cups into the water container shall be prohibited.

-Single service cups shall be stored in sanitary containers. A refuse container will be located near each watering station. Common drinking cups are prohibited.

-Non-potable water must be correctly labeled and stored away from the potable water.

Lavatories-At least one toilet must be provided on every job site. Furthermore, all restroom facilities will be equipped with appropriate hand washing equipment and materials. -If sewer service is not available, portable toilets may be substituted.

-Mobile crews are excluded from toilet requirements. -On large jobsites, one toilet for every 20 employees must be provided.

-When more there are more than 20 employees, one toilet and one urinal shall be provided for every 40 employees.

-Crews of over 200 must have access to one toilet and one urinal for every 50 employees.

-Lavatories will have hot and cold running water, soap and a sanitary method of drying.

-In areas where harmful substances (e.g. paint, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) are being used, appropriate washing facilities will be provided.

-Temporary Sleeping Quarters -In the event that a crew of Alpha Three employees must stay overnight, appropriate hotel arrangements will be made at no cost to the employee.

Change Rooms-Change rooms will be available on jobsites where employees are required to change clothing due to occupational circumstances.

-An adequate storage facility for contaminated clothing will also be provided.

-Appropriate equipment will be provided and/or actions will be taken to protect employees from harmful noise exposure. Steps will be deemed necessary by the comfort of employees as well as the recommendations in OSHA 1926.52 Table D-2.

Occupational Noise ExposureIonizing Radiation- Exposure to nuclear radiation energy or x-rays shall be managed by a competent person.

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