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At the Height of His Career Why

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Kurt Cobain was citied in the Seattle area with a shotgun. Days later on the fifth

of April, Kurt Cobain went into the small room above his garage in his Seattle home and

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At the Height of His Career Why
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ended it all. Fans across the world were stunned by the news of Kurt Cobain’s sudden

and shocking suicide. Kurt was the leader of the multiplatinum grunge band Nirvana,

and was widely hailed as the “ John Lennon of his generation.” He was a gifted song

writer and erratic performer.

However, Cobain’s name was presented at times with

disillusionment and unhappiness. Kurt had spoken, written lyrics, and even sung in his

songs about suicide. Yet, one question could almost be echoed around the world – Why?

Cobain’ s fans struggled with the huge loss of their “ poet of pain.” It was as

though they had lost a close friend. They felt that Kurt was an artist who could read their

minds, knew their problems, and spoke their language.

No one seemed to understand why

at the height of his popularity a twenty-seven year old rock sat would put a twenty-two

gauge shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger.

The media attacked the incident. Every type of media from MTV to the entire local

Newspapers spoke something of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Some blamed the suicide on his

unhappy childhood and how he was a Ritalin child. While others blamed it on his drug

addiction that he had spent all of his young life trying to relieve himself from. But why

the reasoning for the unpredictable suicide, Cobain left behind millions of fans asking

Why? Most people who commit suicide do so for personal reasons, such as

despair, fears of the future, fears of failure or of not being loved. Society plays a huge

part in a lot of suicides. As society becomes more complex a person’s stress level rises

Following the initial shock came the inevitable soul searching for those closets to

him- what more should or could we have done? Cobain left behind a fairly new family.

He had recently married Courtney Love, the leader of the grunge band Hole, in 1992.

Later in 1993 they conceived a baby girl together, Frances Bean which was about two

years old at the time of Kurt’s death. Some say that Courtney did not grieve but there is

no way possible that she didn’t, because of the fact that they reached stardom together as

a couple. One of Cobain’s biggest regrets said by the media was leaving his family

behind. He wrote his suicide note to Courtney and Frances exclaiming his love. The

suicide note ended with the words, “ I Love You, I Love You, and I Love You Always.”

Consequences of Kurt Cobain’s suicide was the let down to all of his fans, his

family, and his friends. This proves the fact that suicide can happen to the best of us. It

can happen to the homeless man on the street or the rock star of the decade.


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At the Height of His Career Why. (2018, Jun 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/at-the-height-of-his-career-why-essay/

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