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The articles reviewed discuss the issue of youth gang membership and the associated violence. They provide data that supports the prevalence of violent and nonviolent offenses committed by youth gang members. The authors highlight the strong influence that gangs have on youths and the life situations that can lead to their criminal involvement. The articles recommend interventions to prevent youths from joining gangs and shorten their gang careers. They suggest strengthening law enforcement, addressing substance abuse, and supporting community activities as ways to prevent youth gang violence. The articles provide valuable information for research on preventing youth gang membership and violence.

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Obscenest (accessed July 21 , 2014) In this article the authors focus on limiting or disentangling youth gang membership. They also talk about the violence associated with youth gang members. They explain and give data that supports violent and nonviolent offenses committed by youth gang members. Youths that report gang membership whether female or male experience some type of violence throughout their adolescence years. This article basically promotes how strongly gangs influence youths and how life situations can lead to criminal involvement. It highlights ways to prevent youths from turning to gangs for family support and love.

The article also recommends interventions to shorten gang careers. This article will help me come up with ways to stop youths from becoming gang members and slowing down gang violence involving youths. Congress of the U. S. , Washington, DC. Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Youth Violence and Gangs. Hearing on the status of the Juvenile Justice System in America, Focusing on Activities of Youth Gangs and Their Access to Guns, ND How Programs Can Help Prevent the Violence Associated with Youth Gangs before the Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice of the Committee or the Judiciary.

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United States Senate, One Hundred seconds Congress First Session, (November 26, 1991) n. P. : 1992. Eric Obscenest (access July 21, 2014) This article discusses several different ways to prevent youth gang violence. It talks about how youth and gang violence is ruining the country. It enlightens you on how youths are being robbed, raped and killed by one another. It talks about strengthen law enforcement and bout securing a safe haven for the next generation. I had no idea youth gang violence was this massive.

Gang violence involving youth membership has gained attention worldwide and this article will be useful toward research paper. Simon T, Ritter N, Menhaden R, editors. Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership. Washington, D. C. : U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013 This article discusses different options on how to prevent youths from Joining gangs, which will change the course of heir future.

It talks about how it requires the public health and safety professionals to work together to minimize youth membership and gang violence. It list key points on why youths Join gangs. This article talks about supporting community activities and addressing substance abuse. It educates you on some great ways of resolving youth gang membership. This articles offers a lot of facts and solution to preventing youths from Joining gangs and it will be very helpful in writing my research paper.

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