An Associates of Science in Nursing Degree at Daytona State College.

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I am pursuing an Associates of Science in Nursing degree at Daytona State College. The Associates of Science in Nursing degree (ASN) available at DSC provides extensive training which prepares students for success in a career of nursing. After receiving an ASN, I have two choices. One option would be to get a job immediately after graduation. Another option would be to continue my education and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Daytona State offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program where RNs with an Associates in Nursing can pursue additional education and receive their BSN. I have not yet determined what my course of action will be.

Earning a degree in nursing is no easy task. Since Daytona State College’s ASN program is limited access, extensive preparation is required in order to achieve priority. Overall, 72 credits are required to earn an Associate of Science in Nursing. 30 of those credits are denoted to general educational core classes. The additional 42 credits are program specific courses. Core credits include College Algebra (MAC1105), Introduction to Composition (ENC1101), Writing and Research (ENC1102), Oral Communications/Research/Presentation Skills (SPC2608), Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II (BSC1085C and BSC1086C), General Psychology (PSY1012), and a student chosen humanities core credit. The program specific courses required are Nursing Process I/II/III/IV/V and Lab (“Nursing”).

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After talking with an academic advisor and visiting the My Academic Requirements page, I determined that for the present, I am going to pursue the requirements for an A.S. degree. This decision came at the recommendation of my advisor. The advice was that I should focus on finishing high school while completing college credits. In the upcoming semesters, I will be taking general core classes that will satisfy credits for an A.S. as well as high school graduation requirements.

Day to day, the duties of the registered nurse varies. Therefore, a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities are needed. According to the National Center for ONET Development, on a daily basis a registered nurse may assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Other duties include advising patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or providing case management. A few essential skills include listening to others, not interrupting, asking good questions, understanding people’s reactions, looking for ways to help people, and noticing a problem and determining the best solution.

Here is additional information regarding salary, job outlook, and some related occupations. The national annual median wage of a registered nurse is $70,000, and the annual median wage in Florida is $63,060. New job opportunities are also very likely in the future. In Florida alone, the job growth rate is projected to be about 21% within the next 10 years. Some related occupations include Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Acute Care Nurse, Respiratory Therapists, and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians (My Next Move).

Through researching, I have determined that I would be interested in becoming a registered nurse. I would enjoy the diversity of the day-to-day duties. With a relatively small amount of education, the wages are very profitable. In addition, the personal aspect of working one-on-one with patients would be rewarding. According to my research, it seems that a career in nursing would be an interesting and diverse career.

Career Services can be a great benefit to me throughout my education and career planning. One specific resource that will prove useful is the resource library available through the My Career Services Portal. The resource library offers an abundance of valuable information regarding career research, instructions for writing a resume and cover letter, and guidance for interviewing. I find it very helpful to use the ONET website, available through the Career Services Student Portal, for researching potential careers. is also a very useful tool for researching careers. This particular site offers an abundance of informative videos that are very helpful when seeking personal insight on various careers.

In the future, I will also use the job board through the Career Services website to search for potential employers. Once I have found a potential employer, I will use Perfect Interview, also available through the Career Services Student Portal, to develop my interview skills. Through this research I have discovered valuable information, tools, and resources. I am currently dual enrolled, therefore I still have time to determine my major. For the time being, I am completing required general core courses before making any important career decisions.

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