I Want to Have Degree in Nursing

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I am currently enrolled in at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas, and I want to finish my studies at the University of Texas in Austin majoring in Nursing.

My decision to attend San Antonio College stemmed from my mediocre grades in high school and I wanted a fresh start at a college close to home. I felt that I could improve my grade point average while completing prerequisites courses transferable anywhere. I lived at home, allowing me to save money and help my family.

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Due to my family’s long history of nursing, I’ve decided to continue the generation by becoming a nurse myself to be more financially secured and allow me the opportunity to help individuals hands-on inside or outside the hospital. My goal has always been to transfer to UT-Austin and earn a degree in nursing.

In preparation of transfer, I took classes such as Statistics, English, History, science related classes such as Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology classes such as Child Psychology, and Ethics. English is not my strongest subject, and I found English to be especially difficult. Even when I join a study group and schedule an appointment with the professor but, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. My low English grades are not for lack of effort.

At the time, I cared for my mother, a single parent, who suffered from neck surgery. Me and my two older siblings oversaw the household, upholding each of our responsibilities to care for our mother. I became a full-time student and instead of getting discourage by my setback in English, I saw it as an opportunity to grow and reconsider my future. I realized that if English isn’t my strong suit, I probably won’t enjoy a career in teaching. Most of my friends want to become nurses or work in the medical field as well, but don’t enjoy the work to become a successful student. My decision to pursue in nursing came from motivation from my friends, family, but most important myself as well.

I considered my strengths, and now I understand that I love helping people and solving problems. I am used to handling family crises at home and I want to help solve problems on behalf of companies, and I feel that becoming a nurse is a perfect fit.

To gain firsthand experience and test my decision, I went to a Mortuary and Cadaver Science Program Tour. Through reaching out to nurses that are in a nursing program, I am certain that I have made the right decision and truly found what I love.

After doing some research, I learned that UT has one of the best nursing departments. My goal is to get in a nursing program. If I continue my studies after my bachelor’s, the school of nursing seems like an appealing way to transition into medical work.

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