My Interest on Taking a Masters Degree in Computer Science

I would like to be an industry researcher who develops a high-performance and energy efficient architecture. My previous major was Electrical Engineering before I transferred to the Georgia Institute of Technology. However, I decided to change my major to Computer Science after I conducted a quite memorable experiment while enrolled in Introduction to Engineering Design. As part of my assignments, I had to program a microcontroller. This experience made me enthusiastic about computer science because I realized I would like to study more about the theory of computation and programming languages and rather than electronic circuit or electromagnetics in electrical engineering.

After I started to study at Georgia Tech, I chose Systems & Architecture and Information Internetworks as my two threads because I was interested in how computers are operated using different hardware and software and how the Internet infrastructure works. Among several classes, Computer Organization & Program and An Introduction to Computer Systems and Network fueled my curiosity about how different hardware and software are programmed and designed. I am most proud of developing a cache simulator and designing the instruction set architecture for a pipelined processor.

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Right now, I am taking Processor Design and Design-Operating Systems. I expect these classes will give me a deeper understanding of how computer architectures are designed and how various hardware and software interact each other. Therefore, these courses would be a good stepping-stone for me to better understanding of coursework about computer architecture in the Master of Science in Computer science at Georgia Tech.

I have participated in undergraduate research since Summer 2014. I have been developing an Android memory management simulator. It will be used to improve the performance of memory management in Android with low-energy consumption based on usage traces. I am sure that it will be valuable experience to me because this is closely related to what I want to research in the future.

Computers have become an integral and ubiquitous part of our society, and it seems quite impossible to imagine our lives without them. Today, there exist a lot of high-technology devices, such as tablets and wearable computers. Those cannot be developed without the development of computer technology. Behind those kinds of creative contrivances, there exist a lot of researchers who are trying to improve current technology in numerous ways. Due to these efforts, people can use state-of-the-art inventions every year.

I want to be one of the researchers who work on cutting-edge projects that meet the needs of society. Especially, I would like to not only improve the performance of computation, but to also minimize the energy consumption by applying several performance improvement techniques to the central processing unit and computer memory.

As an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, I have learned essential concepts and theories related to computer architecture and systems. I want to use the knowledge to study more about computer architecture and am eager for a chance to apply my expertise in the graduate research by enrolling the Master of Science in Computer Science (MS CS) at Georgia Tech as a student.

In order to work as an industry researcher in the future, I will need to have a more strong understanding on how hardware are software are designed and programmed as well as an ability to come up with my own ideas that can improve the performance of computation and energy efficiency. For these reason, I would like to go to the MS CS at Georgia Tech. I was attracted not only with the fame or renown but also with the fact that Georgia Tech evidently has the program that can boost my competence for my future career.

One of the good examples is that Georgia Tech MS CS has three program options, which are course, project, and thesis option, for students hoping to complete the master’s program. If I am accepted to Georgia Tech, I will choose the project option that requires me to complete 27 hours of coursework and 9 hour project. This would allow me to be better prepared for solving real world problem because it will be a chance to apply what I will learn in a graduate course into the project directly.

Also, joining MS CS at Georgia Tech allows me to continue my ongoing research as an undergraduate research assistant. I have been working on developing an Android memory management simulator to find ways to improve the performance of memory management. This research is exactly related to the filed I want to study in the graduate course, so I want to keep doing this after I go to MS CS at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech is a distinguished school with a Computer Science department ranked one of top 10 in the nation. It means that great professors and students publish or release many exceptional results from their research every year. If I join in Georgia Tech master’s program, I will have chances to work with them. Also, this great environment would help me to do well in a graduate course with precious advices from exceptional professors and great aids from Ph.D. students or classmates.

Due to these surrounding, Georgia Tech has produced a large number of brilliant persons. Consequently, Georgia Tech has no choice but to be famous as a feeder to high-tech firms. It means that I also can have opportunities to work for cutting-edge companies doing complex work that will have a real-world impact.

I look forward to the day when I have a master’s degree from Georgia Tech in one hand and an offer from a leading firm in another. My research into the best school for me has left me feeling quite assured that Georgia Tech will provide the perfect mix of training in my field of interest, a social environment conducive to success and preparation for, and connections to, the kind of career I envision for myself.

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