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Analysis of “Dances With Wolves”

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Amajor problem in the nineteenth century was westward expansion. Although thefinal outcome was good, it was a struggle to move the country into thewilderness. The government was greedy and wanted to take the Native Americans’land away from them. As a political leader in that time, I would not allow sucha thing to happen. The Indians would be treated with respect and able to keeptheir land. The white Americans would be expected to treat them as equals,rather than savages. As depicted in “Dances With Wolves,” soldiersruthlessly killed Indians on sight.

They didn’t care if they were a threat or not becausethey were told by their superiors the Indians either had to be moved oreliminated. Even though the natives often had more intelligent philosophies thanthe whites, Americans viewed them as primitive and unintelligent. As agovernment figure, I would introduce laws that banned the mistreatment ofnatives. Any harmful act toward them would be strictly forbidden. Americans haveno right to feel that they are better than any other race.

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Analysis of “Dances With Wolves”
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The worst act byAmericans in the nineteenth century would have to be Indian removal. The mainpoint I would make in my government term is do not take another man’s land, nomatter what color they are. As America moved westward, the white people couldsettle around then natives, rather than take their land. They could live andwork together, and the natives could help the whites settle in return for foodor fur. Most Indian tribes wouldn’t mind sharing because they believed no oneowns land, it all belongs to mother earth. This system could benefit the whites,save lives, and prevent hostility between whites and natives. Native Americansdid not deserve to be treated the way they were. The US was very ignorant anddid not want to believe that Indians could be good. My plan would create peacebetween the two. It would be best for the United States if the Indians andwhites had gotten along and worked together.

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