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Analysis Of It’s A Wonderful Life

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Analysis Of “It’s A Wonderful Life”This was an extraordinary movie that showed the homely small-town moral values through glossy studio production. I really enjoyed this movie. It has very quickly become one of my favorite movies of all times. The characters were very good. I thought this movie to be beautifully told and acted, with Reed, Barrymore, and other ensemble members perfectly cast. The actors were very convincing. George Bailey was an ordinary guy. An example of this was went he was at the train station waiting for his brother, Harry.

He said, “Do you know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are?Hanker chains, plane motors, and train whistles.” He appreciated small things like that. I think that Jimmy Stewart played the role of George Bailey extremely well. Throughout the whole movie I continued to be worried about George. I began to feel sorry for him. I thought that Lionel Barrymore played Mr. Potter commendably.

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Analysis Of It’s A Wonderful Life
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He really seemed to fit the part. As the audience, I grew a strong grudge against him, from the beginning.

Clarence, an angel, was sent down to save George from doing evil by committing suicide. The angel saved him in many ways. George didnt commit suicide, because he was too busy saving Clarence. Clarence took him to “Pottersville” and showed him what the world would be like if he was never born. That saved George in a way as well. George learned what he had to be thankful for.I thought this film to be very intellectual. It told a wonderful story, yet taught valuable lessons. Clarence taught George that there is more to life than money, and to end his life because of money was silly. Clarence gave George his book, and in it was written: “Remember no man is a failure who has friends. That was a lesson that George learned. His friends helped him in a time of need, just like George had done for them their whole lives. George learned that he really did have a wonderful life. The words “Its a Wonderful Life,” tell a wonderful story. Thats what the whole movie was about. We as the audience, go to see just how wonderful George Baileys life really was. The movie shows the values of a family, and how much George took them for granted. He took them for granted until he felt what it feels like to live without them. This film showed that there was a lot more to Georges history than just his life. He had saved Harrys life when they were just kids. Later on Harry stopped an aircraft from running into a lot of soldiers, which saved all their lives. So in the long run George saved all those soldiers too. I believe this was an accurate depiction of the 1930s. It showed how the town reacted when the stock market crashed. People were frantic. Everyone was out of money. But through most of the movie, George Bailey was strong about everything. He kept his head up high, and continued with his life. Also, another accurate account of the 1930s was when Harry Bailey went away to fight in World War One. Then Mrs. Bailey and others went to help sew for the red cross. This movie was a very accurate story of one man, and his troubles in the 1930s. I truly loved this movie, it really is one of my favorite. It was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Director (Frank Capra), Best Picture, and Best Actor (James Stewart). It was also nominated for the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Director (Frank Capra). This movie helped us all learn that it really is a wonderful life

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