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EuroDisney SCA opened in April 1992 its doors to the European populace which was located 20 stat mis from Paris. This specific location was selected over 200 possible sites in Europe ( Greece. Italy. Spain. Portugal. and France ) . Spain was threw out the choice period the most likely topographic point to be chosen but due to the deficient land area of the land around Barcelona country as opposed to France authorities was generous with inducements and showed impressive regional demographics which finally France was chosen to be the new location for which would be the biggest and most lavishing subject park that Disney had built around the universe.

Disney Management thought that because they had successfully opened Disneyland-Tokyo and surpassed their outlooks. the European market was expected to win with the same concern theoretical account and projected to bring forth over $ 100 million during the first twelvemonth of operation which became a loss of $ 900 million by the summer of 1994. EuroDisney failed to pull the expected figure of European visitors’ particularly Gallic visitants because they saw it as an American imperialism. Disney executives failed to understand that the European population differs from Nipponese population and may merely resent the ads directed at foreign sketch characters seeing it as a menace to their national individuality. If there had been a better market research they would hold found out that holiday form. pricing of hotel suites and European repast habits differs much more than they American market or Nipponese market. They were confident that whatever project the Disney CEO and President took on would be an instant success because they were credited to holding turned the Disney Corporation in to a multibillion dollar company.

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Different jobs were encountered necessitating extended version of both scheme and tactics by EuroDisney’s direction. Finally the parent company. The Walt Disney Company had to step in to form a fiscal bail-out.

Some chief issues were:

•Construction costs that surpassed the initial budgeted sum.

•Planners failed to anticipate external factors for illustration European recession. the Gulf War consequence on holidaying. high involvement rates and devaluation of other currency against the Franc.

•The loss of $ 900 million from 1992-1994.

•French sketch themed Parkss

.•Failure to analyze the European civilization and behaviours ( wine imbibing among Gallic with repasts. enforcing rigorous training regulations )

International Marketing – Philip Cateora & A ; John Graham ( 13th Edition ) Case 2-1 p. 614. Case Questions and Answers

1. What factors contributed to EuroDisney’s hapless public presentation during its first twelvemonth of operation? A. Visitors to the park was loath to pass $ 280. 00 a twenty-four hours to bask the park attractive forces. Its hotel suites were much more expensive than top hotels in Paris. B. Airfares was cheaper to Disneyworld in Orlando Florida compared to Paris. The conditions was besides much better in cheery Florida. C. Gallic visitants stayed off because of the historical animus between the Gallic and Americans. D. Disney executives failed to see the nearing recession at the terminal of the 1980s and the arrest on planned holidaies after the Gulf War in 1991. Tocopherol. There was high involvement rates and the devaluation of several currencies against the franc. F. They competed against the World Fair in Seville and the 1992Barcelona Olympics. G. They banned intoxicant in a vino loving civilization.

H. Disney executives besides did non invite investors to a portion in the undertaking. They wanted to plan and construct themselves with a position to selling at a net income. They were influenced by their experience in Tokyo Disneyland when they licensed its name and image to another company who raked in all net incomes and left the parent company with a meager portion. I. They downsized breakfast service because they were mistakenly informed that Europeans don’t eat breakfast. 2. 500 clients showed up in 350 place hotels. J. Europeans spent merely 1 or 2 yearss to see the park compared to their American opposite number who spent at least 3 yearss. K. They besides failed to see the holiday imposts of the Europeans. Europeans enjoyed month long holidaies while Americans preferable short but several holidaies in a twelvemonth. L. Disney stressed the size and sheer magnitude of the park instead than the amusement value it offered in its selling runs. This reportedly “ruined the magic” Disney Parkss were known for.

2. To what degree do you see that these factors were ( a ) foreseeable and ( B ) controllable by either EuroDisney or the parent company. Disney?

Many factors mentioned were foreseeable and governable. It was a affair of looking more deeply into the cultural facets of the concern. political and economic factors. Disney should hold foreseen the altering economic scene in France with the extroverted European recession. They should hold hired a mix of European executives that knew the civilization. If they were involved from the initial construct and had a big manus in pull offing the park. it could hold mitigated the hazard factors that caused their unpleasant experiences. The bundle presented to the clients did non run into their outlooks. They merely realized in the terminal that “Guests need to be welcomed on the footing of their ain civilization and travel wonts. ” Disney failed to accommodate to the environmental differences of one market to another. Adaptation is a witting attempt to expect the influences of both foreign and domestic unmanageable factors on a selling mix and so to set the selling mix and minimise the effects of cultural diverseness.

3. What function does ethnocentrism play in the narrative of EuroDisney’s launch?

Ethnocentrism is the inclination to believe that one’s cultural or cultural group is centrally of import. and that all other groups are measured in relation to one’s ain. The ethnocentric person will judge other groups relative to his or her ain peculiar cultural group or civilization. particularly with concern to linguistic communication. behaviour. imposts. and faith. Ethnocentrism as did civilization played a at odds function in the launch of EuroDisney. Because the Disney belief was that what sells in the U. S. and Japan would sell merely every bit good in Europe. This is a peculiar job for American directors who believe that their ways are ever right without regard to another’s civilization. values and beliefs.

As a former Disney executive cited “Disney Chairman Michael Eisner and President Franck Wells had ne’er made a individual trip. ne’er a error. ne’er a failure. There was a inclination to believe that everything they touched would be perfect2. ” The roots of Disney’s job in EuroDisney may be traced to their enormous success in Tokyo Disneyland. The park was a success from the first twenty-four hours and has been visited by 1000000s of Japanese who wanted to capture as they perceives as the ultimate U. S. amusement experience. France is doubtless the first response that comes to mind when asked which state in Europe is the most anti-American. Even before the yearss of De Gaulle and Chirac. it seems that France has ever been at the head of anti-American animus

2 International Marketing – Philip Cateora & A ; John Graham ( 13th Edition ) Case 2-1 p. 615. 4. How do you measure the cross-cultural selling accomplishments of Disney?

The Disney direction squad had failed to carry on a thorough research on the civilization. values and behaviour of their European clients. The squad made hapless premises that affected the building design. selling and pricing policies. park direction and initial funding of the park.

Disney has ever prided itself on quality of service that its visitants will see but it fell abruptly of being sensitive to the cultural differences between Americans and Gallic people such as:

1. Eating wonts of Europeans. Unlike Americans who were used to noshing many times in a twenty-four hours. the Gallic people have a more fixed agenda wherein at leisure lunch starts at12:30 in the afternoon ensuing in long waiting lines in eating houses due to the unequal seating and staffing to suit the flow of people traveling to diners.

2. Gallic people are besides knows to bask their repasts with vino while Disney banned alcohol ingestion inside the premises.

3. Personal Grooming. Gallic adult females liked to have on redder nail gloss in the United States so the Disney regulations on nail gloss for adult females employees was relaxed a small but the training for the park’s male employees facial hair to hold a smooth-shaven. neat and tidy expression was maintained.

4. Vacation Customs. Unlike their American opposite numbers who enjoy weekend trips. the Gallic prefer month-long holidaies which normally happen merely every August. Almost a decennary after its hapless cross-cultural selling scheme. EuroDisney has learned its lesson and made appropriate alterations in their selling scheme to set to the demands of the location:

5. Revamp of Disney Characters and Props. The characters in the new subject park speak 6 different linguistic communications and utilize backgrounds inspired by Gallic towns.

6. Food Variety. When visitants complained of the deficiency of picks for sausages in EuroDisney. the park revamped its bill of fare to provide to the multiple autochthonal gustatory sensations of assorted European civilizations. Just because a civilization is different does non do it incorrect.

Sellers must understand how their ain civilizations influence their premises about another civilization. 5. Why did success in Tokyo predispose Disney direction to be excessively optimistic in their outlooks of success in France? Discuss. The first Disney subject park to be built outside the United States was Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. Which the population is composed by a big figure of younger people who are influenced besides by the American civilization that has been bought through increased trading. Between 1990 and 1992. 14million people had visited Tokyo Disneyland. three-quarterss of who returned to see. An ordinary household of four would besides direct $ 600 a dark to remain in a Disney hotel.

This international and instant success for a subject park had rendered direction to be really optimistic of their outlook in success in France. Disney Corporation non having the Disneyland Tokyo 100 % because they sold the licence to a local company. and saw how good they were making on the Nipponese market they thought that given the potency of the European market they were anticipating a immense return of investing. 3 6. Make you believe the new subject park would hold encountered the same jobs if a location in Spain had been selected? Discuss.

In my sentiment yes I believe that they would hold encountered the same major jobs is Spain was the location chosen. Spain is geographically located following to France. They would hold many similarities in different countries for illustration local civilization and beginnings. clime. experiences in the economic system and history. International selling is a map of civilization. what you are able to make in selling to a peculiar foreign merchandise is shaped by the cultural variables of the state. Due to the success for Disney in an international market has transformed them in to ne’er over-emphasize the importance of understanding a foreign civilization.

7. In visible radiation of the near-bankruptcy in 2005. evaluate the proposed programs to beef up Disney’s entreaty to the Gallic market.

There was several action programs cited in the instance by Disney for the twelvemonth 2005. as follows:

•Make Euro Disney a cheaper holiday finish. Following the European recession in the early 2000’s. most of the European Union ( EU ) members. including France. suffered from high unemployment rates in 2005 and onwards: Disposable income per family may be constricted and as a consequence. Europeans would believe twice in disbursement for leisure and amusement. Therefore. selling the park “by retail” . like the issue of the one-day base on balls could break lure the Europeans to travel and “experience the magic” instead than boxing a 3-day “wholesale” more expensive circuit. The program to buttonhole for the usage of the Charles de Gaulle airdrome for low-cost air hoses would convey the park closer to a larger figure of Europeans.

•The debut of a new Disney Character tailored for the European audience. The introduction of the Pumpkin Man in Disneyland Paris is a simple but really effectual manner of capturing Gallic enthusiasm to come in the park. chiefly because. he is Gallic. He is a “European character citizen” in an American park in France. which hopes to ask for and entertain European invitee.

3 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. fundinguniverse. com/company-histories/euro-disney-s-c-a-history/

•Introduce the one-day base on balls that would be valid in both Parkss. The one-day base on balls would increase the park’s visitants. Aside from it is cheaper to travel on a day-tour ; the Gallic prefers to remain at place during their holiday and leisure times. Visitors that merely pass by Paris may now choose for this one-day base on balls

•Construction of new drives may non be the best solution to pull Europeans. As stated in the instance. the job is the “lack of attractions” to warrant the entryway fee. Not the deficiency of drives. Possibly an option may be the remodeling of certain drives that are non attractive and are non lending adequate to net income.

8. Now that Disney has begun work on the new Hong Kong and Shanghai locations. where and when should it travel next? Assume you are a adviser hired to give Disney advice on the issue of where and when to travel following. Pick three locations and choose the one you think will be the best new location for “Disneyland X. ” Discuss. Disney should get down looking at new possible international locations for future endeavors’ . It is recommended to open this new location in a long term footing around 5 years’ clip. The 3 possible locations to maintain in consideration will be Sydney ( Australia ) . Dubai ( The United Arab Emirates ) and Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ) . ?Sydney: It is the largest and most populated metropolis in Australia. It has a repute as an international centre for commercialism. humanistic disciplines. manner. civilization. amusement. music. instruction and touristry. As the fiscal and economic hub of Australia. Sydney has grown to go a affluent and comfortable metropolis. Economy: Sydney is the 16th most expensive metropolis in the universe. while a UBS study ranks Sydney as 11th in the universe in footings of net net incomes. 4 Culture: Opening and multi-culture.


In the twelvemonth stoping Nov2012. Sydney received 2. 6 million international visitants. 5 Transportation system: Bus. LRT and Sydney Airport is Sydney’s chief airdrome.


It is located South of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and has the largest population with the second-largest land district by country of all the emirates. after Abu Dhabi. The oil economic system led to a monolithic inflow of foreign workers. rapidly spread outing the metropolis by 300 % and delivery in international oil involvements. Today. Dubai has emerged as a planetary metropolis and a concern hub. Dubai has late attracted universe attending through many advanced big building undertakings and athleticss events. In Dubai. 80 % people come from other states or are aliens. so it is besides considered as an unfastened metropolis.

4 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. citymayors. com/features/cost_survey. html # Anchor-The-49575 5

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. destinationnsw. com. au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/161238/Sydney-YE-Sep-12. pdf Tourism is an of import portion of the Dubai government’s scheme to keep the flow of foreign hard currency in to the Emirate. Dubai is expected to suit over 15 million tourers by 2015. The metropolis draws big Numberss of shopping tourers from states within the part and from every bit far as Eastern Europe. Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. Transportation system: Dubai has a really convenient transit system and the airdrome was the15th busiest airdrome in the universe by rider traffic. In contrast. the metropolis of Dubai is a extremely widely distributed society with a diverse and vivacious civilization. Food: Continental Cuisine ( Arabic. Fast nutrients. South Asiatic. and Chinese ) . Comparing the three metropoliss as proposed location for the new Disney subject park. all have their ain strengths and failings such as booming economic system and ingestion capacity. convenient transit and the universe location ( capacity to pull tourers ) .

Rio de Janeiro is a cultural midway for Brazil ; known for “fun in the sun” more than anything else. Its interracial community and multi-cultural people present us a new face of South America. Rio provides entree to South America. and on the other manus is accessible by the remainder of South America. Brazil

Unlike Australia. visitants in Dubai usually stay for several yearss so Dubai develops its hotel and other third industry. Arab States are fond of many fabrications such as Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Aladdin so if Disney chooses to turn up in Dubai. it can unite Western and Middle Eastern Culture which can turn out to be attractive to tourers. Assuming that Disney chooses its fiscal spouse. Dubai will be the best new location for a Joint Venture since it will ne’er fall short of business communities who will be willing to back up the thought every bit long as thorough selling and research will be undertaken by Disney on the socio-political and cultural behaviours of the United Arab Emirates and its adjacent Moslem states. Dubai would be the best option for the international location of a Disneyland Park.

9. Given your pick of locale Ten for the newest Disneyland. what are the operational deductions of the history of EuroDisney for the new park?

Before set abouting another big venture such as Disney-Dubai. Disney Management should mention to the lessons of EuroDisney and Disney Hong Kong as mention: Customers and civilization should be given attending. The first mistake made by EuroDisney is that the contrivers neglected the local civilization and clients and focused merely on presenting the American experience. For illustration. the eating wonts of Europeans. personal training. penchant for walking alternatively of siting and holiday patterns. In Hong Kong Disney. contrivers studied the local civilization and practiced the art of Feng Shui in the agreement and lay-out of the development programs for the park. Disney Dubai should larn from the lessons of these two subject Parkss. Dubai has the influence of Islamic and Arab civilization on its architecture. music. garb. culinary art and life style which are really outstanding and should be considered by Disney contrivers.

Disney will likely profit more if it considers utilizing Arab fable into the new subject park. such as Aladdin’s lamp. Alibaba. non merely in the palace. but besides in its sketch characters. For the vacation. Eid al Fitr is the biggest Muslim vacation that lasts for about a month per twelvemonth. So Dubai Disney should construct a hotel that will see such occasions and cater Halal foods its Muslim visitants. Environment and Location: In Euro Disney. the pick was to turn up the park in the Nordic cardinal which provides merely six ( 6 ) months for out-of-door activities. a batch of room for the Disney constructions. but has a low tourer rate during the off extremum season which reflects its location mistake. For Dubai. it is recommended to be built in one of the countries in Palm Island. Dubai’s most beautiful and epicurean topographic points thereby increasing tourer attractive force and beef uping the Arab mythologies of Disney. Risk Management: Compared to the two subject Parkss cited in the illustration. the undermentioned factors should besides be considered: a ) Uncertainty in the figure of the tourers. B ) Possibility of Cost overproductions ensuing in debt. and degree Celsius ) Composition of subject park direction ( i. e. Arab or Foreigners or what combination ) in the new site.

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