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Don’t expression at me is the first line of Christina Aguilera’s vocal “Beautiful. ” This instant susurration from the voice of Aguilera creates an ashamed vibration for the vocal. It is spoken softly and without any musical instrumentality. As the music quietly and brightly builds up to the first poetry listener’s already have a misunderstanding of the wordss. The audience presumes that the vocal will be about depression or shame and shame because one would tie in non desiring people to look at you with shame. However. once they read more into the wordss they notice that the significance of the vocal is much deeper than shame and really has an opposite message. When the audience hears the rubric of the vocal they could besides do the premise that the vocal is about beauty and the images of dad stars. although it is about happening beauty in everyone. Beautiful is something or person that is ‘pleasing to the senses. ’ We all have interior beauties that define us as persons.

Christina Aguilera is a pop creative person. Her music and image has won the Black Marias of many females averaging from ages 12 to 25. Many females of this age will shop through the latest magazines. expression at images and read interviews about the dad icon. She has become a phenomenon for this coevals. She started with a immature mark audience and as she has matured. her music has every bit good. She went from vocals like “Reflection” and “I’m a Genie in a Bottle” to “Beautiful” and most late. “Hurt. ” This developed attack has broadened her mark audience. Her music can be perceived as dad. but at the same clip her new manner has shown more significance to her societal audience. She went from singing about fellows to singing about cosmopolitan subjects of societal credence and stereotypes that cause so much hate and choler in the universe. Christina Aguilera is a dominant musical icon in our society. “Beautiful” relies to a great extent upon the usage of dual criterions. non merely within the wordss but besides sing the selling and image of Aguilera.

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When looking at the wordss of “Beautiful” objectively. there are different positions in which the wordss can be interpreted. Specifying who the talker is wholly changes the context of the wordss. In “Beautiful” I believe that we should look at the mean teenage miss. a cheery twosome ( peculiarly a stereotype ) . and Christina Aguilera herself as three separate talkers.

From an mean adolescent misss point of position “Beautiful” is most likely a vocal that they can associate to in footings of life and the self-battles they are holding. For a teenage miss it may look like everything is traveling good. but so all of a sudden there is a alteration that causes a bad luck. such as acne impacting her image. From the hurting of her image she may experience ashamed and insecure. This is when she has to state herself that she is non unflawed and yet she is an single. but even if people do do merriment of or dish the dirt about her she is still beautiful. This is where “Beautiful” gives hope to the mean miss that lets words impact her. Boldly. the wordss and music adjoin and state Wordss can’t convey me down/ I am

beautiful in every individual way/ Yes. words can’t convey me down/ Oh no. so don’t you bring me down today. This is reassuring advice that they have to stand up for themselves and non allow words or sentiments of others change their character. However. this is a contradicting line because it states that words can’t convey me down. but so it implies that ‘you’ can when it says Oh no. don’t you convey me down today. Next. the wordss focus on how this adolescent miss may be fighting on the interior. but appear to be euphoric to her friends. No affair what they do/ No affair what they say/ We’re the vocal inside the tune full of beautiful mistakes/ And everyplace we go/ The Sun will ever shine/but tomorrow we might awake/ On the other side.

This set of wordss signifies that the beautiful universe is impermanent and that there is another side. This is another 1 of the dual criterions of the vocal because it is stating mundane is so beautiful. nevertheless it goes against itself here because it mentions there are two sides to the universe. This is an inspirational vocal for an mean teenage miss. but as I pointed out there were some contradictions to the wordss and the significance. They may desire to see themselves as beautiful in every manner possible. but the universe is a mystifier and there is a piece that is gone because of what has become socially acceptable.

Bing homosexual is a major stereotype in our society and the label that society has given homosexuals and/or sapphic twosomes is that it is improper act of love for one another. They deal with the common gestures and looks when they show affection towards one another in public topographic points. The wordss of “Beautiful” give this stereotype a ground to believe that what people say or do does non impact them and they are beautiful to themselves and each other. It seems as though this would be an easy undertaking to maestro. nevertheless it is non. When people

expression and point at homosexual twosomes. it is human nature to experience singled out and targeted. This vocal states that We are beautiful no affair what they say/ Yes. words can’t convey us down. oh no. It is seeking to assist the stereotypes understand that being beautiful is more than the image. it is the interior beauty. Gay people may go ashamed of there orientation because the socially acceptable manner to be is consecutive. This is a dual criterion of the wordss. because it states that even if people do move in rude and unkind manners. the cheery people will still see themselves beautiful. But this is non true. because when people do things it affects the targeted groups assurance dramatically. The emptiness in a homosexual couples life may be seeking to go a socially acceptable orientation.

The last analysis is from Christina Aguilera’s point of position and reading of the vocal as the talker. She is singing the vocal. so non merely will the focal point be the wordss. but besides her tone and musical properties. Mentioning back to the first line in the vocal. Christina susurrations Don’t expression at me. This is an indispensable dual criterion sing she is a pop icon and that mundane people are looking at her and she is the centre of attending when she enters the room. Her vocal begins with this aggressive statement. that goes against her being in the limelight in the production of this vocal. I think that Aguilera’s position on the subject is rather different from the other positions. She is a musical icon. who fit’s the function as the skinny. gorgeous blonde and is composing a vocal about it. She is blatantly stating that she is beautiful. when the fact is. people see her day-to-day and oppugn their ain personal beauty because society has associated beauty with celebrity and image.

She is desiring to maneuver off from the stereotypes. but I think that she is reenforcing them by composing this vocal. when she is a beauty icon herself. The vocal begins stating that I am beautiful. so says you are beautiful. and eventually says we are beautiful. This is commonplace to me because the audience’s first feeling to the vocal is that beautiful automatically links to Christina Aguilera. The thought that Christina Aguilera created such a powerful vocal is an astonishing idea. nevertheless. because of her societal place I believe that it took off from the value of the wordss. She is the ideal image that mean teens and stereotypes are endeavoring to go. so when she sings a vocal with this strength it is difficult for the audience to acquire past her image. She does have on the flattering dresses to present shows. she is doing a batch of money. and she can have on bright ruddy lip rouge without 2nd thinking herself. Christina Aguilera sang a vocal that was aiming herself as the bad cat because of what society has fabricated as beautiful.

“Beautiful” is a vocal about accepting people for who they are and non allowing the sentiments of others influence your personal beauties. This is a societal issue in the universe because there is an constituted sentiment of what is right and what is incorrect. What people think is a immense factor in mundane life. The wordss urge society to acquire past the sentiment of others and make what fills the emptiness in them. This vocal stresses for society to set all the pieces of the mystifier back together so that every person can experience like they are beautiful in every manner. With that said. we have to oppugn the dual criterion of Christina Aguilera. Because she is a icon and musical head of our coevals I wonder if she created this vocal to make a bond between her fans and her or to merely sell more records because the vocal entreaties to more than one audience.

The music picture of this vocal which was aired on many telecasting Stationss like MTV and VH1 shows Christina Aguilera have oning all black in a bare room. The focal point goes to people that are all different but the same on the interior. It shows a homo-sexual twosome snoging on a public bench. a cross-dresser preparing for a dark out. a thin stripling looking at herself in the mirror. a miss with braces who is beaten up in the forests. a hood on a metropolis coach. and a male child who wants larger musculuss. At the terminal of the picture each of these fortunes are revisited and are shown with a sense of accomplishment.

The cheery twosome busss freely on the bench without paying attending to the people around them. the adolescent miss breaks the mirror so that she can non pick apart her defects. the miss with braces has a immense smiling. the immature male child flexes. and the hood sits down on the coach with a athlete. The picture shows a different reading of the vocal instead than the wordss. The picture shows a happy stoping without and contradictions and dual criterions. I think this would be a great stoping to a powerful chef-d’oeuvre of music. but in world people deal with these societal issues day-to-day and are non able to lift above them because society will non let it.

“Beautiful” would be the ideal vocal for the footing of society. On the contrary. our society would do that impossible because it is ingrained in us to do observations and illations of others. Besides. we want to look good to people. so it does count what people think of you. Christina Aguilera’s vocals during this vocal are wholly amazing. the wordss are deep. and the musical agreement follows the feelings in the vocal. But. when I put the three together I think they create a dual criterion. Christina Aguilera can non sing a vocal about everyone being beautiful and interrupting the images of what beauty is when she is the image of beauty. It is a dual criterion to get down a vocal with Don’t expression at me and so sing about non caring what others think and non being ashamed of our ain personal individualities. Individually. the wordss. music. and vocals are powerful chef-d’oeuvres of art. Together. they are merely a dual criterion.

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