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Analysis of Queen Elizabeth Armada Portrait

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Portraits in the Tudor times were used to show what a monarch was doing at that time and it spreads the word to all the people of what the monarch at the moment is doing or is she helping you. It was also used to tell people how she looked if she was still fashionable and looked beautiful. They used portraits because they had no other use; there was no email, television, telephone or newspapers.

In this portrait of Queen Elizabeth it shows Spanish armada in the right hand corner and the English in top left.

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Analysis of Queen Elizabeth Armada Portrait
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Her hand is placed on the globe and the crown is on her right. She wearing necklaces of pearls and has a peacock feather on the top of her head. She is showing her hair in plain view.

She is also wearing expensive and fashionable clothes. The crown is on her right which means she believes in God so that the Church will support her in needs of desperation.

In believing in God this mean she must go to Church or somehow believes in God and Christianity. The people will then also follow her and go to Church as well many will change to Protestantism as she Protestant.

The two windows in the background show the Spanish and English. The Spanish is on the right in the thunderstorm with rough waves to show that God is perhaps punishing them. And on the left is the English in the calm waves to show that God is supporting them. And you go in very close detail Elizabeth has her back pointing to the Spanish and she is pointing towards the English ships.

This shows that she supports the English and she will fight for them. The pearls around her neck show that she is a virgin.To show that she is young and that she hasn’t had jiggy jiggy yet, so people know that she hasn’t got an heir. So many monarchs abroad become interested in her.

Also pearls can mean wisdom that she is a wise leader and that the people should trust her and have faith in her. Pearls are also expensive so it also shows she is a wealthy queen. Her hair is shown in plain view which meant in Tudor times that would be a very naughty or sexy thing to do. This is to show that she is a sexy lady and that people should be interested in her.

The peacock feather on top of her head represents beauty, power and knowledge. These are the key important things which you need to be a great monarch. The people will support a beautiful queen. Her hand on the globe is placed on their gently to show she is peaceful lady.

And that she is not a lady who always wants war she always tries to make peace. I have concluded that Elizabeth wanted to give the impression that she is still a young, beautiful and powerful queen who believes in God and she fights and protects for England in times of war (Spanish Armada).

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Analysis of Queen Elizabeth Armada Portrait. (2017, Apr 26). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/analysis-of-queen-elizabeth-armada-portrait/

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