Importance of Recruitment and Selection

Bangladesh is the ninth largest country of the world as regards its population not for its area of land. It has almost 14 crore people. So the main thrust could be given on the development and management of human resources. In the country some large medium sized and a large number of business and industrial organization have been established and a significant number of human resources are employed in the organizations. Though more than 70% of its total population is still involved in cultivation of land, but no remarkable attempt has been made to manage the agriculturists for the national purpose.

That is why Bangladesh is still a poor country. In Bangladesh, many public and private businesses, non-business and industrial organization has been emerged. My report “The Methods of Recruitment and Selection: A Case Study on Palmal Group of Industries” is a mere attempt to disclose the present scenario of HRM concepts and practices regarding recruitment and selection procedure at Palmal Group of Industries. The specific objective of the study is to assess & evaluate its existing “Recruitment and Selection Method” and for finding out shortcoming to summarize the necessary recommendations.

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The topic “The Methods of Recruitment and Selection: A Case Study on Palmal Group of Industries” has been designed on the basis of its theoretical aspect. Prior to recruitment protocol job analysis and personnel planning are necessarily carried out. “The Methods of Recruitment and Selection: A Case Study on Palmal Group of Industries” is maintained through the strategic planning & formalities. Recruitment and Selection Procedure are modern as like development world of the HRM system.

Mega mergers and acquisitions, increasing global competition, exploding e-business opportunities and disappearing national borders- with all these changes the business environment is becoming unpredictable. However, it is certain that all organizations will be confronting a totally new world and they will expect a human resource strategy to be ready for it. Human Resources management is now center stage and a key strategy issue that must be addressed at highest level of every organization.

The study discloses the present scenario of Human Resource Management concept and practices regarding and selection procedures at Palmal Group of Industries. Human Resource Management is part of the organization that is concerned with the “people” dimension. HRM can be viewed in one of two ways. First, HRM is a staff, or support in the organization. Its role is to provide assistance in HRM matters to line employees, or those directly involved in producing organization’s goods and services. HRM is a function of every manager’s job. Whether or not one work in a “formal” HRM department, the facts remain that to effectively manage employees requires all managers to handle the activities.

The primary objective of this report is to comply with the requirement of the Palmal Group of Industries. But the objective behind this study is something broader. Objectives of the study are summarized in the following manner:

  • To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field.
  • To make a bridge between the theories and practical procedures of business day-to-day operations.
  • To analyze Human Resource Practices and explain the recruitment and selection procedure of Palmal Group of Industries.
  • To assess and evaluate the existing recruitment and selection procedure to identify the strengths and weakness of existing recruitment and selection procedure of Palmal Group of Industries.
  • To find out the shortcoming of existing recruitment and selection procedure of Palmal Group of Industries.
  • To summarize the recommendations of existing recruitment and selection procedure of HRD at Palmal Group of Industries.

An organization large or small, profit or service oriented, whether it is, the ultimate aim is to achieve organizational goal. This achievement can only be possible through skillful and effective management of manpower, usually after successful completion of recruitment, selection and induction process the new employee must be developed to better fit the job and the organization. OMIC Group of Companies has an enriched and skilled Human Resource Division. HRD through definite and systematic recruitment and selection procedure selects & trains up it’s manpower for achieving it’s ultimate goal.

Methodology refers to the systematic method consisting of enunciating the problem, formulating a hypothesis, and collecting the facts or data, analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the form of solutions towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation. It includes the process of gathering, recording and analyzing critical and relevant facts about any problem in any branch of human activity. It refers to critical searches into study and investigation of problem/ proposed course of action/hypothesis or a theory. job in detail so the candidates can consider seriously about applying.


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