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Recruitment, Selection and Placement

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INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT 13 RECRUITMENT AND SECLECTION FOR THE DRIVER,HRM LECTURER AND OFFICE ASSISTANT [Type the document subtitle] Njoale NAME: Mots’oanyane OTHER: Ursular SURNAME: Lebusa MODULE: Recruitment and selection FACILITATOR: M. Tlhomola Recruitment and Selection is the process of establishing and determining the candidate who best suits a job,taking into consideration the nature of the organization. It is a costly process as it entails a lot of steps to be undertaken in order for it to progress.

There are factors that influence recruitment such as: external and internal.

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Recruitment, Selection and Placement
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It is with recruitment methods,tools and techniques that the human resource practitioner gets the right caliber that is needed for that particular job. There are various sources of recruitment and they are as follows: external and internal sources. Just as in recruitment,selection has tools that help with the determination (interviews and assessment centres). Thus selection being a process of job matching with relevant skills,education and experience.

Position of a driver When recruiting and selecting the best candidate for this position the human resource manager would first have to analyse the position’s relevance and impact to the organistion (IDM).

Focusing on the nature of IDM,the practitioner would have to also design the job not forgetting to go through the company budget in regard with payment of the position. After that the HRM has to decide to recruit externally. It means that he/she is not looking at his/her establishment but rather outside of it.

The practitioner chooses this type of recruitment because it has a very broader coverage of applicants. Furthermore,the HRM will then compile both job description and specification of the position. Since the practitioner has already decided to recruit externally,he/she then also decides to choose the external source. This is where the HRM finds the source outside organization (employee agencies). He/she also has to choose the method intended to be used inorder to get the right candidate.

With this position the practioner decides to advertise. He/she chooses this method because it does not only reach the job seeker but also people looking for better opportunities. After deciding to go with advertising,he/she has to look for the tool to use and with this position the practitioner would decide on the newspaper because it can reach many people, even if it was an issue that has already past,it will still be seen by potential applicants.

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