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Anglo-Saxon Hero Essay

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There are many heroes in are history and all of them tried to do one thing to stop evil and if they succeeded they became heroes in todays world. Beowulf as a legend from Anglo-Saxon period became known. Due to this Beowulf is a hero for Anglo-Saxon people. They admire him and look up to him. Not all believed in him, because he was not a hero in there mind, but they believed that everyone who did something in a way that helped someone and is very loyal to other people are heroes.

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Beowulf is a historical hero and Anglo-Saxon hero. He was looked up to as a god. Beowulf was known to be a loyal individual who could destroy evil. In Anglo-Saxons times there was a lot of evil this suggest, because the called it the DARK AGES. Dark, which many people, interpret as evil shows in Anglo-Saxon period. Anglo-Saxons stories say that evil who at that time is Grendel.

He tortures people buy eating them. Beowulf had to face the monster and destroy him without a struggle. Beowulf fights Grendel with his bear hands, suddenly Grendel’s arm brakes and with screams Grendel escapes Beowulf and runs to his swam to recover. Thus Beowulf looked up to because of his straight, loyalty and a mighty god. He was favored by gods and because of that people believe in him. People try to live to his standards to maybe become hero like Beowulf.

Beowulf is a hero in Anglo-Saxon period, because his loyalty strength, devotion to duty. Thus his legend lived on through this period. His stories were told by many scods to tribes and their communities in which all people were close to. This hero inspired them to fight for their land and to kill evil. Even if it meant you have to sacrifice your life. Beowulfs courage brought Anglo-Saxons together and made them feel safe from evil and because of Beowulfs courage people fought to protect themselves and allowing to sacrifice them selves for believes of Beowulf.

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