Anglo-Saxon Values

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During the Anglo-Saxon and Middle Age periods, the main characters in Beowulf, The Seafarer, and The Canterbury Tales all emphasized the importance of honor. Each character showcased honor towards themselves, their followers, their king, and/or their God. These poems collectively represented different aspects of honor that were interwoven to establish the most significant value during this specific era. In Beowulf, for instance, the story revolves around a fearless warrior battling Grendel in a timeless clash of good versus evil. This time period was characterized by intense battles accompanied by unwavering loyalty and honor towards rulers. Beowulf and his gallant group of Geats expressed gratitude to God for their leader returning unscathed. The author alludes to the widespread devotion that the public exhibited towards their rulers. To be revered as a heroic figure, Beowulf had to possess the qualities of honor, loyalty, and respect from his followers. When Beowulf decided to undertake a journey to Hrothgar, none of the wise individuals regretted his departure, despite their love for him as Geats. Beowulf’s honor and respect were so profound that he was summoned to aid in battling Hrothgar’s adversaries. His loyal followers never questioned his decisions as they held him in high esteem. Beowulf tirelessly strived to maintain his honorable reputation. Meanwhile, in The Seafarer, one man faces an internal struggle as he strives to remain true to his conscience and honor his God. The Seafarer firmly believes that by enduring suffering at sea, he can bring himself and his God honor.The humble person receives heavenly angels to provide them with bravery, power, and faith. We praise the divine grace bestowed upon us. The Seafarer believes that living on the sea is necessary to gain honor on land. Thus, they dedicate their whole life to the sea in pursuit of this honor.

According to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, knights were highly respected and honored. The text describes how a knight, a distinguished individual, dedicated himself to chivalry, truth, honor, generosity, and courtesy. Knights were esteemed during the time covered by The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer further highlights that knights often occupied the honor chair at the dining table, surpassing all other nations. The text emphasizes the great respect and honor bestowed upon knights. In the Middle Ages, a true and noble knight was regarded as the embodiment of valued qualities. Honor is a prevailing theme in Beowulf, The Seafarer, and The Canterbury Tales. Beowulf, the Seafarer, and the Knight all pursued honor from their followers, themselves, their kings, or their Lords. Their lives revolved around achieving the ultimate goal of being honorable.

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