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Essay – Anglo-Saxon literature

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In Anglo-Saxon literature and most likely in Anglo-Saxon times, men were measured by many of the same aspects of life that men are measured by today’s standards. Men of that time period were godless, fearless, fame seeking and most of all, courageous.

Everyone was in search of these qualities and they achieved them by completing daring deeds, withstanding harsh conditions and they loved beating the odds. These qualities still live on in us. Beowulf not only killed a terrifying monster, the monster’s mother and also killed a huge dragon too, achieving fame and showing kingdoms how much strength, courage and fearlessness he had.

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Essay – Anglo-Saxon literature
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It also seemed that heros of that time had to boast about their deeds to other kingdoms and villages.

Acquiring such qualities lead to boasting. People love to boast when they have beat the odds and have shown the world their will-power. Boasting when drunk is still very existent is every part of the world like it was part of the Anglo-Saxons culture.

In Beowulf, when Beowulf greets Hrothgar, he says, “Hail, Hrothgar! I am kinsman and thane of Hygelac.

In my youth I have set about many brave deeds (*)How many times have you introduced yourself to someone and say, “When I was younger, I accomplished many great things?” It wasn’t enough for a man to show just his people of his accomplishments, he had to make it know for everybody to see. The same can be said about our us today. If someone has acquired lots of money through his accomplishments; he/she lets everyone know by buying expensive cars, houses, jewelry etc to state their success. In the Wanderer, the author says, “Men eager for honor bury sorrow deep in their breast.

” (Wanderer, lines 16 & 17) In most Anglo Saxon literaure, this macho is present. The wanderer also states, “No man is living….to whom I fully unlock my heart.” (Wanderer, lines 10 & 11) The wanderer is sprinkled with small lines like these to show that a real man can take anything that the world throws at him.

Beowolf is similar to the wanderer in that they both have the same “voice”. In Beowulf, Beowulf says, You will not need to hide my head if death takes me, for he will have me blood smeared; he will bear away my bloodyt

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