Antigone and Pride Analysis

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Antigen Essay Pride is a powerful emotion, it can lead us to be people we are not, and lead us to be hurt. The act of being prideful comes from the power we are given through society, to say we are something others cannot say they are. Its also what makes everyone who they are, but too much pride can seize control of us causing an uproar of karma to surge our way. In Antigen, the blind prophet, Eateries warns Croon that, “A corpse for a corpse the price, and flesh for flesh, one of your own begotten. Furthermore he states, “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride. ” In Antigen the real crime is to be unjust with your power, Just because you have power does not mean you have to use it, so it is shown throughout history, and in our media that certain examples exhibit this behavior. This is the major downfall in their ways, for example: Rome, King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible, and even in our kids shows certain cartoons exemplify pride, teaching kids that it is wrong such as Sandy in Sponge.

Each character exhibit this prideful quality, in which in turn each has led o their down fall of some kind, and with this unjust power they have been reprimanded in some way. Sure the quote could be retaining to Antigen, Croon, potentially all the characters of the story, though the real audience it is preaching to is all of man-kind. Everyone has their flaws and faults, because pride is in all of us, it is human nature to take pride in all of our work. The overwhelming flaw in human nature is to be consumed by this beast of pride, to take control of the chains of power and keep our pride in check.

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Pride is a scary thing; Antigen kept her pride in check, Hough when Croon is consumed by his pride it becomes his fault. Thus it reveals to us that Croon is the tragic hero in which his hamster is revealed, which in turn is his pride. The first of which was Rome, who was a prosperous, and for the most part civilized society. With each coming day they would rise to the challenge of becoming better than other civilizations and empires, and was thus the reason they perhaps prospered so well. This empire was always thriving off the opportunity to succeed, providing a lot to be prideful in.

They rose among the ashes, from the barbarians round them, and with that pride began to believe they were better than the barbarians, which they in fact were. Though, this got the best of them causing an abrupt surge of power, they began throwing people and slaves into an arena to fight to the death because of the power they knew they possessed. They killed people Just because they could. They thrived for entertainment because they were so prideful, they had not needed to work for food. Finally, as soon as fast as it rose up, it crumbled back down into the pile of ashes from which it came.

The political structure f Rome collapsed, the people rioted, and the barbarian tribes, the Romans used to spit upon, came into power by conquering this possessed and corrupt empire, for which it had become so prideful. The real crime being the unjust power put into the hands of those in command of the Roman empire. The bible provides the etched-in-stone prime examples to pride, tort throughout, Jesus proclaims that pride is the start of your own downfall. With pride too much pride, you only lose. An exhibiting character in the bible would be King Nebuchadnezzar.

He was a close-minded man as many with ample amounts of pride re, who would often feel threatened by those that opposed their will, much like Croon did with Antigen. Nebuchadnezzar often sought the same advice from these oracles or fortunetellers though less often heeded their warnings to him. It is said in the Bible that, “Pride goes before the fall. ” This is equally true in every sense of the word pride. Furthermore it exemplifies King Nebuchadnezzar and Croon the most. When one day coming to Daniel in a dream, God spoke comparing Nebuchadnezzar too large tree that would one day be cut down, leaving only the stump.

Coming to the king, Daniel likened to the blind prophet, foretold the king that what happened to the tree would one day happen to him. Ignoring this warning, he’s so full of himself and slow to action, that he fails to heed the warning. His pride being what causes him to be so close-minded and pays no attention to what is prophesied to happen to him. And with that he perished, not heeding to his sins and taking in the poor as his own, with only his kingdom left, though with no memory of him having built it for he was a ruthless king that none had liked.

Even the shows on today, revoke the thought of too much pride being a good thing. They are teaching the kids, though the kids unknowingly are being subjected to this manipulation, that too much pride is a bad thing. Too much pride corrupts the mind, the soul, and the work they have build up. Sponge is a prime example of such an teachings. Something the everyday person, certainly not children, is that each Sponge character teaches on of the deadly sins, and shows in what way the character provides to the conflict on how it is bad. Though because we are focusing n pride, which is one of the deadly sins, we will start with Sandy.

Sandy is a squirrel that lives under the water, through the help of her underwater dome, provided with oxygen and the use of her very own oxygen suit. Though what makes Sandy particularly prideful is her spoken love for Texas, and is sure to let everyone know. In the episode, “Pressure” Sandy takes pride in the fact that she is a mammal, and a land creature. This leads up to the conflict, in which she argues with Sponge and friends, that land creatures are better than sea creatures, saying sea creatures are umber than land creatures.

In the conclusion of the episode, they all are attacked by sea gulls, showing that because of their pride, they are now being conquered by flying creatures, and that their pride leads to their downfall. Pride can cause us to be the most powerful, and helpful thing in striving to achieve success, though in excess leads to our own demise. More importantly, when using this power unjustly, the power can be taken away Just as easily as it was attained, leading to our own downfall. And once again, “Pride comes before the fall. “

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