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Human Necessary: Plants and Crops

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            Plants and crops are necessities of the human world. There is a continuous reproduction of these to cater to the everyday needs of man. Usually crops reproduce by the union of the egg and sperm that leads to the creation of the new plants. Though, the natural process is apparent to most plants, several common crops can reproduce without sex. The method of reproduction for these plants is called the Apomixis. This asexual procedure becomes possible when the plant produces embryos which came from sex cells that are immaturely unfertilized or from normal somatic cells.

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Human Necessary: Plants and Crops
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            Apomixis is viewed by many researchers as a technological breakthrough in the agricultural field. It is perceived to bring a profound impact in the reproduction of plants which are necessitated as food. It is also assumed to prevent the degeneration of vegetative plants and is also aimed at providing food production balance to keep up with the population growth.

Apomixis study is far from over.

Different parties have different views. Some believe that apomixis genes do not exist. On the other hand, others deem that the procedure can be engineered. Nevertheless, apomixis can hugely help the food industry as it is initially presented and studied by the researchers and scientists. Though, there are incessant concerns regarding this course of plant reproduction, it may in some way or another lead to affirmative outcome in the near future especially if it can supply the human food necessities. Moreover, apomixis can be the answer in solving hunger and food crisis in the world.

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