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Application for CUHK

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An educational institution whose purpose is to nurture students not just intellectually but morally as well – this is my main consideration in choosing a university for my higher learning. As an aspiring economist, I deem that the world is a marketplace of talents and that the demand for good deeds is high yet the supply is low; many are indeed intellectual and competitive but only a few are blessed with moral values to address the needs of the times. It is for this reason that I have been attracted to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Indeed the programs in this University boast of excellent education and training as evidenced by high-caliber educators, student-centered academic curriculum, assured quality of academic teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and resources. Nevertheless, the value for research or pursuit of more learning; the attention to sustainability through maintenance of a green campus; the options for non-formal learning opportunities; the focus on community service programs; and the development of social responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and interpersonal skills are valuable life lessons I have not found in other educational institutions.

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Application for CUHK
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Hence, choosing to apply in this University to major in economics is a wise decision on my part.

I have chosen the said major because I wish to play a key role in the economy of this country. I believe that the economy of a nation is especially crucial in the lives of the citizens, therefore effective application of economic theories and implementation of proper economic measures are necessary especially in times of financial crises. I wish to apply such theories and implement such measures through carrying on of my parents’ business. I believe that through an education in this esteemed University, I would become an effective, intellectual, and morally upright professional and business leader ready, willing, and able to face the challenges of the competitive market head on.

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