Letter of Application

I would wish to use for the BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care class. There are many grounds why I think this would be good to me. some personal and some calling related. Personally. analyzing Health and Social would assist me in my life to understand myself every bit good as better my relationships with equals. friends and household. By deriving a greater apprehension of what is involved in the Health and Social Care sector I can better my ability to work with or alongside others and regard and run into their demands. every bit good as my ain. However the chief ground is that I aspire to go an Occupational Therapist in the hereafter and I’ve been passionate about this for many old ages. Having set my ends and looked into my university classs. I believe Health and Social would set me in good position for my application for university and enable me to hold a better cognition and understanding anterior to get downing an OT class in university.

Through my ain life I have developed a reasonably big sum of cognition on Health and Social Care. Throughout my school clip I have been a portion of the schools Peer Mentoring squad. working with younger pupils to get the better of troubles. Incorporated into this was a whole host of different preparation Sessionss and it has besides gained me a making through the administrations BulliesOut and ASDAN. I am really proud to hold been given this chance. and this truly helped me to make up one’s mind that a occupation in the Health and Social Care sector would decidedly accommodate me best. Now as a twelvemonth 12 pupil I’m taking portion in the schools Better Learning Partnership programme to assist younger pupils with either their Numeracy or Literacy to let them to make their full potency. Besides. in my ain life at place I’ve had experiences with Health and Social attention workers such as healers. nurses. societal workers and more. This has allowed me to watch them in their work and addition foremost manus experiences about how they work efficaciously. and besides the things that I’ve found have been less effectual.

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However. I have more experience with the Social Care side of things than the Health Care side. so I think this is a little failing and an country I would wish to foster my cognition in whilst analyzing this class. Besides. working with the aged is something I’m yet to derive experience in. which this class will give me the chance to acquire. I feel my Communication accomplishments are comparatively good because I am a good hearer. I can easy happen information from texts or studies. I know how to utilize my verbal linguistic communication and organic structure linguistic communication efficaciously and I am besides good at pass oning with grownups and on a one-to-one footing. This class will enable me to pattern and derive more assurance in myself. which is something that could impede me in Health and Social Care. Besides. I’m non as confident and successful in group communicating or making studies and mentions of my work. even though I do happen that sometimes I can be a compulsive note taker. This class I hope will supply me with the accomplishments and assurance to get the better of and pull off these jobs and better my communicating accomplishments on the whole so I become every bit good in all countries.

When I am working with others. I decidedly know how I can utilize my accomplishments best and what would be a good occupation for me to make and the things that others would be able to make better. I besides enjoy assisting others in groups to develop their accomplishments and construct upon their strengths. This is because I find existent satisfaction from assisting others to turn and make their full potency. I besides feel I’m reasonably good at measuring group work and interactions with others to assist me in the hereafter. However. pass oning with equals is decidedly one of my failings in this country as I am non a really confident individual and frequently worry about how others will comprehend me and besides. if I detect or non an facet of group communicating that isn’t every bit effectual as it could be. I’m really hesitating to indicate it out. once more as a consequence of my deficiency of assurance.

I hope that through the Work Experience I will derive on the Health and Social Care class that I will be able to construct on my assurance and believe in myself more as I gain more cognition and practical experience. Generally. I think my accomplishments with engineering are sufficient. I enjoy utilizing both power point and excel to back up my work and I’m ever reasonably organised and have everything filed suitably. I besides have other accomplishments in things such as music and swimming which I am proud of. However I’m non excessively confident in utilizing computerised engineering to make studies or organise undertakings. agendas and deadline. I prefer to work on paper than on computing machine. Through my assignments in this class I think I will be able to break my usage of computing machines to organize myself as electronic mail systems are normally used to put deadlines and undertakings. and besides they will coerce me to be organised with deadlines and be good with clip direction. every bit good as the class giving me chances to foster my personal accomplishments and involvements.

The biggest menace confronting me with my technological accomplishments is that I strongly prefer to work on paper and by manus than utilizing computing machines! I find that I learn reasonably good from detecting the work of others in pattern and I’m confident in utilizing both computing machines and books to research and farther my cognition and apprehension every bit good as to analyze informations. The Work Experience on this class will enable me to farther develop my research skills through observation and engagement and my assignments will let me to pattern other accomplishments such as citing. However I find that I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate and remain focused when carry oning independent research. particularly if I am fighting to happen the information I need. I am rather proud of my personal hygiene and sense of how to dress and show myself suitably. I am besides ever comparatively organised in my work and maintain to my deadlines which is a really of import accomplishment to hold to avoid added emphasis and effects.

My assignments during the class will give me farther chances to work on these accomplishments and on any other failings. such as fighting to understand nomenclature used in assignment Jockey shortss and seldom inquire for aid if I don’t understand the work I have to make. My biggest menace is likely that my personal life and troubles can sometimes acquire in the manner of my deadlines and ability to concentrate. nevertheless I seldom tell coachs about these things due to experiencing embarrassed and the fright of being judged. I am reasonably confident in my ability to work professionally and have a obscure apprehension of the Care Value Base. restrictions and duties through my Peer Mentoring work within school. Through the Health and Social Care class I will be able to intensify my cognition and apprehension of things such as the Care Value Base and statute laws which will be cardinal to successful work in the Health and Social Care sector.

However I ever want to make the best and assist every bit much as I physically can. so lodging to the restrictions will be something I find difficult to make and potentially disconcerting. I have really strong personal values and beliefs which I will ever utilize to steer me in my ain life and in my work. They besides support the manner in which I work and handle other people. The class can assist me larn about where my values and beliefs can be used in Health and Social Car. However I feel highly strongly about certain things so I need to guarantee I don’t travel against the Care Value Base in my work because my values and beliefs may non quite tantrum. Besides. I sometimes struggle to maintain my sentiments to myself if I take offense by something or I consider something incorrect. so I need to work on this whilst I complete the Health and Social Care class. I know the difference between statute law. policies and codifications of behavior. I am besides cognizant that there are certain things that you can’t make related to Health and Social Care if you are under the age of 18. Besides. I’m really familiar with the Data Protection Act 1998 and besides about the Health and Safety Act 1974.

The class will give me the chance to acquire to grips with the Codes of Conduct in assorted scenes through my Work Experience Placements and acquire a deeper apprehension of statute laws. My lone concern is that Legislations and Codes of Conduct alteration for different work environments and I may fight to cognize the differences without drawn-out practise. I know what I am good at and what my restrictions are. Attending a Mindfulness class has helped me to derive apprehension of myself and my restrictions. I have already had a just sum of experience with pull offing duties and I am cognizant of how of import meeting them can be for success. The Health and Social Care class will let me to turn as a individual and farther my apprehension of my personal abilities and undertake any jobs that I may confront. such as mental wellness. emotional and societal facets that could do me an issue.

I do hold some experience with informal attention nevertheless I could decidedly profit from farther experience in certain countries. In decision. I feel this class would be paramount for my success in Occupational Therapy. My chief strengths are that I have a strong passion for assisting other people and that I have had personal experiences with professionals from the Health and Social Care sector. I believe that my passion and finding to win will be what carries me through this class and allows me to accomplish my full potency. However my chief failings are deficiency of assurance and besides that I ever want to assist people every bit best as I perchance can. but sometimes that may be further than policies. codifications of pattern and statute laws allow.

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