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Study in Mechanical Engineering FieldIs My Dream

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I’m an international student from Korea. While in the Korean military service, I studied the use of vehicles in combat, so I think I have some practical skill for engineering. I know my GPA is a little bit lower than others to get in Mechanical Engineering- however, I’m sure that I have the personal drive to realize my dream and goal to be a part of the Mechanical Engineering field.

My dream is to be an automotive engineer. Since childhood, I have always been interested in how machines work.

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Study in Mechanical Engineering FieldIs My Dream
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When I was in elementary school, I accidentally set my house on fire in a failed attempt at making a rocket. Fortunately, my father was full of praise for my curiosity, rather than scolding. That’s when my love for experiments started. Later I entered a contest for remote-control car design, and won. When I became a middle school student, my passion for cars grew even bigger. For example, I could identify any car I saw by make and model, even at night.

In high school I got my motorcycle license and bought a small bike, which I fixed and tuned myself. I always think about my dream car, which I one day hope to design and make. However, my father wanted me to go university to study biotechnology.

After a couple of years, I realized my aptitude is for mechanical devices, not biology. So, after finishing military service in Korea, I went to Canada to grow my international perspective. I started at Camosun College to work on my language skills and become more adapted to life in Canada. I studied hard and worked late hours, always with my dream to be an Engineer planted in the forefront of my mind. Although English is not my first language, I did well in physics, chemistry and math. Physics quickly became my favorite subject. It helped me understand the natural forces I’d always been curious about- especially light, sound and heat. I could make my own procedure and produce results in a lab. Consequently, I got a physics scholarship from Camosun College.

My experience at Camosun made me believe in myself and my abilities to realize my dream. There is a proverb, “No sweat, no sweet”- Meaning nothing can be obtained without any effort. If I start to study mechanical engineering, it will be the most valuable time in my life. If I’m faced with a difficult situation, I will solve it in order to accomplish my goal. Although I’m a transfer student and my scores may be considered a little low to study mechanical engineering, I believe I can do better than anyone else because I’m following my life-long passion. I feel that studying mechanical engineering will allow me to fully apply my abilities as well as help me to continue to grow as a professional in a nurturing and dynamic environment.

Please let me allow to study in the Mechanical field to show you my passion for my dream.

Thank you.

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