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Bachelor’s Degree and Mechanical Engineering

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE One of the most significant decisions in life is the choice of career. A shrewd decision made based of factors ranging from latent interests, inherent skills to scope and satisfaction. My choice of career has emanated from careful analysis and planning . I have always believed in the best and then, given my innate potential, assimilated knowledge and positive attitude. I am confident I will succeed in my endeavor. Reasons to choose Graduate Study

A constant urge to learn and explore, an ambition to become a researcher, a desire to be a part of growing technological world and contribute to its development have LED ME TO STUDY ENGINEERING.

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Bachelor’s Degree and Mechanical Engineering
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The first step in the realization of my career goals would be to obtain a Master‘s Degree followed by a PhD, after which I wish to take up a research –oriented career . I believe this could give me a an ideal opportunity to probe and unravel the intricacies of my field and achieve my goals with greater amount of freedom.

My fascination for engineering has been longstanding and persistant. Ever since my school days I have enjoyed studying mathematical and physical sciences and have had an inclination for problem solving and desire to know more, from which, I drew the inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of engineering. Our under graduate course was comprehensive and gave us a broad over view of several subjects out I am now poised for a fuller exploration of a focused area. Moreover, much of the integrated of advanced technologies in any demanding field taking place in a graduate program..

By being a part of a graduate programmer, I intend to assimilate creative abilities and acquire innovative skills from experienced researchers there by increasing the depth and breath of my knowledge. Reasons to choose this particular field Right from my child hood, commonly used mechanical gadgets fascinated me Learning and understanding the basic underlying principles in the working of these gadgets interested me immensely. This interest made me a regular visitor to the various science exhibitions that were held in our city.

Inspired by my liking for the subject, I went on to participate in these science exhibitions by developing mechanical gadgets with the help of my teachers. This was when I decided to choose MECHANICAL ENGINEERING as my major field of study at the undergraduate level. As my awareness of various concepts of mechanical engineering grew my zeal understand them in greater detailed heightened. I have supplemented my knowledge gained from the regular courses by attending several seminars and symposia as also by reading various scientific journals.

My undergraduate course has provided me with a firm foundation of the basic principles of mechanical engineering and the courses in Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, and Material science & Metallurgy, Production Technology, Metrology, Instrumentation, Design and Production Management have provided commendable ground work for advanced study . I therefore decided to take MECHANICAL ENGINEERING as my field of specialization for my graduate study . The conditions here in India are very conducive to supplement my aspiration when I return after completing my graduate studies.

Academic Background I HAVE ALWAYS PRIORITIZED MY ACADEMICS. I had been one of the best outgoing students at my Primary school. I took Sainik School Entrance Test, which is held statewide; only around 100 students will be selected through out the state, who will be given full scholarship both from state and central government. This school is supposed to be one of the best schools in the state and it is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. I passed out from this school with First class in both Secondary School Exam and Senior Secondary School Exam.

Then I went to take the statewide entrance into Engineering course, which has opened out to me to pursue my childhood dream of Mechanical engineering in an institute of excellent repute “Bapuji Institute of Engineering and technology” My undergraduate study in this college was rewarding experience. The basic course gave me a through grilling of fundamentals essential for my study in Mechanical Engineering. My research and review of various journals periodicals helped me towards writing a technical paper n “Composite Material” which was selected for presentation at various universities. I am member of Indian society for Technical Education and participated in most of the computations like Technical Quiz and Paper presentations conducted by it. I have undergone Industrial training at Dolphin Die Cast, which helped me to gain immense experience and learn practical difficulties in component manufacturing and design. My Aggregate marks through out my engineering course are 69% and my Final Year result is 78%. Thus I passed my B. E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Distinction.

I obtained a strong desire for programming languages after I come across BASIC and FORTRAN languages, which were part of my syllabus in my first year. This desire made me to do a course that was not a part of my undergraduate studies called Higher Diploma in Software Engineering from APTECH. This enhanced my programming skills in C, C++, VB, ORACLE and JAVA. OUTSIDE OF ACADEMICS, I participated in various educative rallies & social activities such as conducting Blood group testing centers, AIDS awareness campaigns, gardening etc.

I was a member of National Cadet Corps (NCC) also. I also participated in various science exhibitions and talent search exams like All India General Knowledge, Olympiad etc. I am an avid Football player and also a member of College team. I have represented my district in this game at state level games meet. My active participation in college EVENTS and youth festivals as a volunteer reveals my dedicated involvement in extra curricular activities too. Reasons to study in U. S. A I FEEL that getting education in a country other than one’s own is an education itself.

Living in such an environment with people having similar goals and aspiration is an enthralling experience in one’s academic life and is of considerable importance in one’s professional career. It is a strong belief in my family that the American education system has the best to offer in the whole world. This belief arises out of experience that my parents had. If I can get an opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment am sure my talent will be put to optimal use. I feel that graduate study at an American university is the best ype of further educational this juncture because of the flexibility incorporated in its learning system, its infrastructure and the intense interaction with the industry and exposure to the latest technology. An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu that encourages and enables me to chart the course of my career. Replete with academic activity and excellent facilities in my field of interest are the most important factors which motivated me to choose your university for my graduate study. A Last Word

The journey ahead promises to be a challenging one, it may be no doubt be arduous and demanding at times. But then, the thrill one gets when discovers something new at the frontiers of human knowledge, however small the contribution may be, is unparalleled. Hence, I request that my application be considered for admission. SOME FINANCIAL AID WILLGO A LONG WAY IN ENOURAGING ME TO STUDY AHEAD. I strongly feel that I can match the high standard of your university. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself. (Ravi. L. Hadimani)

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