A Personal Recount on a Dream Job in Computer Software Engineering and Design

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My desired career in Information Technology (IT) is to become a computer software engineer specializing in designing and developing software. This field has always been a passion of mine, and I have enhanced my knowledge through my education. As a software engineer, I create computer games, operating systems, middleware, network control systems, and business applications. I apply principles from computer science and mathematical analysis to test, create, develop, and assess different software applications and systems that are crucial for computers to function effectively (Burgess, 2002).

My tasks include reflecting changes in technological advancement, adapting to changing practices of employers in new areas of specialization, and planning for the future growth of computers. I am responsible for constructing and coordinating computer systems in organizations to enable smooth performance of core functions and operations. Additionally, I provide ongoing technical support to buyers and customers of computer software (Burgess, 2002).

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My strengths lie in my ability to quickly learn and adapt to new information technology concepts, particularly in computer software and hardware. This specialization has fueled my passion for computer software engineering. Additionally, I possess a creative and innovative mindset, enabling me to tackle challenges and contribute valuable work. Furthermore, my academic and professional qualifications in the IT field provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the industry (Burgess, 2002).

I can provide current updates in computer software engineering and offer guidance on the most suitable technology for an organization to adopt. Additionally, I possess the ability to manage both computer software and hardware, which benefits an organization by eliminating the need to hire two specialists for these separate tasks. Being sociable and outgoing, I have no difficulty communicating and expressing myself to clients and anyone seeking my assistance (Burgess, 2002). However, I am not interested in working as an information technology and engineering consultant.

I prefer hands-on experience in the field rather than the theoretical nature of being a consultant. Working directly with computers and repairing them allows me to apply my practical skills and ensure their proper functionality. However, I perceive this job as unfavorable because it restricts my innovative and creative abilities. I am unable to fully explore the IT field and further develop my expertise. Consequently, I will not have opportunities to gain experience or utilize the knowledge acquired in my classes (Burgess, 2002).

As I advance in my Information Technology career, I will face various challenges. Unlike other industries, IT is renowned for its continuous and rapid changes, making it a dynamic field. This presents a challenge as I must remain vigilant and curious to stay updated with the latest market developments. By doing so, I can maintain competitiveness and relevance amid a vast number of competitors.

This indicates that a significant amount of funding will be needed for training in order to gain the necessary skills for using the new technology (Burgess, 2002). The courses and trainings offered to IT professionals are constantly changing, making older technology equipment obsolete or unimportant in the market and its use. Additionally, there is the difficulty of training other users within the organizations where I will implement these new technologies, which can result in substantial expenses and time consumption (Burgess, 2002).

One of the main challenges I face is the growing number of qualified professionals in my field, which could hinder my chances of obtaining my ideal job. The IT industry is attracting many individuals because it plays a significant role in approximately 80% of our daily tasks involving computers and technology. Consequently, there is an overflow in the job market, making it difficult for me to distinguish myself and secure the desired position.

Moreover, these obstacles may also negatively impact my skills if I lack the necessary resources like finances and time for training to remain competitive during my job search (Burgess, 2002).

My strategy for overcoming these obstacles involves capitalizing on my strengths to attain my desired profession and progress in my field. By harnessing my innovativeness and creativity, I can readily adapt to technological advancements, thereby enhancing the efficiency of my work. Additionally, I can utilize my academic and professional qualifications to stay updated with ever-evolving technology and secure employment (Burgess, 2002).

From the various topics in IS&T, it will be advantageous for me as I have a strong understanding of the theoretical aspects. This will enable me to cope with the growing number of qualified individuals in the field. To secure the job of my dreams, I will leverage my outgoing nature and excellent social skills. My ability to easily interact with others gives me an edge, along with my high grades achieved in school (Burgess, 2002).

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