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Arrogance of Power Review

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English 102 2 July 2014 A Favorable Evaluation William J. Fulbright, a democratic Senator from Arkansas, was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1966 when The Arrogance of Power was published. In an excerpt from Fulbright’s book, he analyzes the misguided thinking behind America’s global interventionism and its delusion of righteous all-powerfulness. These symptoms are a confusion of power and virtue. Fulbright defines the arrogance of power as, “a psychological need that nations seem to have in order to prove that they are bigger, better, or stronger than other nations” (2).

William J. Fulbright uses persuasive appeals in his well structured book, The Arrogance of Power to help convey his views on U.S. war …show more content…

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Arrogance of Power Review
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In addition to his use of pathos, Fulbright also has an excellent use of logos and ethos throughout the piece. Fulbright lays out facts that “the law of averages has already been more than kind to us,” and “sooner or later the law of averages will turn against us” (4).

Fulbright educates the readers on theologians, behavioral scientists, and humanists, explaining in detail how these fields play a role in the behavior of nations. In pointing out these facts Fulbright is appealing to the reader’s logical sides. William J. Fulbright uses ethos by using other sources to help further his position. There is a Canadian psychiatrist, Brock Chisholm, and two prominent authors, Aldous Huxley and Mark Twain, quoted to help supplement the Senator’s point that “a radical change in traditional behavior is required” (Fulbright 4). Given Fulbright’s position as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he himself is a very credible source. The reader is much more likely to agree with Senator Fulbright on issues rather than to agree with an average citizen. Fulbright is very blunt and matter-of-fact during this piece which helped make his point. There is not a lot of fluff to read around. In part to great transitions the work has a logical order to it which seems to build everything up and then little by little shows the flaws and eventually tears it down wholly. Fulbright not only .

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