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The results were significant which supported the hypothesis that music therapy along with visual imagery can cause a decrease chemotherapy-induced anxiety and nausea vomiting in chemotherapy patients. The study can support the notion that visual imagery can result in a form of relieving pain or stress, The research design was well- done. The researchers used a repeated measures design. In repeated-measures designs, researchers use the same participants throughout the whole study. Using a repeated-measures design can result in less error in the study.

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Article Summary
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Future suggestions in the study would include testing different types of visual images on the visual scale to observe whether the type of image affects the results. Future research could apply the idea of music therapy and visual imagery to other treatment plans for illnesses that have debilitating symptoms. References Garrulous, S.. Takeaways, Z, & Wilma, g. (2013). Effects Of music therapy and guided visual imagery on chemotherapy-induced anxiety and nausea-vomiting. Robinson Article Summary # 2- Long-term, Short-term and Everyday Memory This week’s summary had to be about long-term, short-term and everyday memory.

Researchers Sahara Holder & Ads (2013) conducted a study that measured long-term and short-term memory been athletes and non-athletes. The participants were all men, 50 athletes and 50 non-athletes. The participants were from different colleges in their district, their ages ranged from 22-25 (Shah, Holder & Ads, 2013). The participants had a standard questionnaire to measure their long and short term memory. The study concluded there was significance between the memory of athletes and Nan-athletes, athletes scored better on OTOH the short term and long term memory portion of the questionnaire.

The researchers concluded that regular exercise resulted in better memory overall (Shah, Balder & Ads, 2013). I think that research design was Okay; I would have given the participants a timed activity which would have measured their short-term and long-term memory. Would have had the participants come back twice. The first session would measure short-term memory then I would give the participants something to kick over and come back for the second session seven days later to measure Eng-term memory. Loud not change the whole research design just the way in which the participants are measured.

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