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New Father Assignment

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The father may develop some anxiety because all that personal time you had is now gone. He may feel like he has no power over the new circumstances. Also, the new father might struggle with the balance of being a new parent and their work schedule. The most important thing for the father to remember is that he is not alone in these thoughts.  Does the arrival of the new baby cause significant marital strain? When your new baby arrives emotions are heightened.

Make sure you take time and discus what each other’s roles are. Take turn with the baby and take turns with the chores.

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New Father Assignment
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You may want to even discuss your parenting styles. You need to make time for you as a couple. It maybe be hard to leave the new baby, but even if it is for one hour make time for you guys. (Stock, n. D How can fathers support their partners during and after the transition to parenthood? Mothers tend to do more of the child care than the fathers do.

Make sure when you take turns in caring for the child it is done as a choice instead of a chore. Share the responsibility. When you get home from work take the baby for an hour or two to give your partner time to herself.

How might additional births affect the family system? Your older child might have some issues with you bringing home a new baby. The attention that was put on your eldest is now adverted to your new baby. Set aside time for just you and your older children. Show them that they are not going to be forgotten because of the new baby. Implement a family night even if it a movie that you watch together after you put the baby to bed. (Polling, 2013) What changes in roles, schedule and finances might the father expect? Your schedule will totally change. The new baby will take more time and effort than you are used to.

But when you think all hope is lost your baby will get on a sleep schedule and you will gain a little of your time back. Your wife will lose a lot of sleep too, what was once your time will become baby time and or sleep time. (Parker, 2015) What will new fathers find most difficult about the transition to parenthood? “The first thing an expectant father can do to be prepared for his new role is to admit that this is uncharted territory (at least for him) and that he might need to ask for help. ” (Shipmen, 2013) Now It is not going to be easy. Nut you will get used to having your new baby. Just stay calm and slow down.

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