Is Troy Maxon a Good Father? Essay

Troy is a interesting character full of emotions which make him who he is. he can be a bitter character and sometimes quite unbearable. he is confident and sometimes overly confident and boasts a lot, showing impressions that he is trying hard, to hard, to impress people and this might make people think he is actually insecure and covers it up with overly strong opposit emotions. For some of the readers of this book, i can imagine that troys character is quite a relatable character as his stories seem real and true.

One of the things that perticually stands out about troy is his domanating and outgoing personality. He doesnt accept any contribution of ideas being added by others to his plans, whatever he says or does goes. He doesnt let anyone voice their oppinions and if they try he cuts them off before they can even finish their sentance. “Your first chore is to help me with this fence on saterday, everything else comes after that. This shows how troys way is the only way and he doesnt care if others have any other plans, he wants this to be done so it will be. He doesnt take one second to think whether cory has football practice or work or plans to meet with people this is just how troy want his day to proceed. Everything he does he thinks he is doing for the benefit of his family which could be argued. When rose (his wife) talks about cory in a proud manner and motherly way she is often interupted by troys snarcky and horrible comments and oppinions.

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Is Troy Maxon a Good Father?
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She is a very proud and enthusiastic happy mother and loves the fact cory shows potential and talent for being a top american football player and wishes him a great futur although she cant often talk about this as Troy says comments like “The white man aint going to let him anywhere near that football” And other confidence knocking satements and remarksthat are un-nessicary. His remarks can be taken in two ways, either he is jelous he never got this oppertunity or never took it and he in enviouse. Orr that he doesnt want him to have no proper qualifications to fall back to if his footballing career goes wronge

The way troys character is written makes the readers minds wonder if he puts on a show to hide all the insecurity he olds. he makes it clear to cory that being a father is not a pleasure but rather a responcebility and a duty due to his actions. its all about tough love in troys eyes. pReading this act troys actions puzzle me, its as if he doesnt want to be seen as a weak figure but cant hold his emotions in for much longer as he can only act strong for so long. But as he acts strong he becomes another person and i doesnt come accross caring or loving.

Deep down inside he is filled with guilt, contemptness and regret. when he talks about baseball his minds goes off and its as if he thinks what life couldve been like and what he learned fromo it and seems like hes upset about the topic. He often makes himself out to be better than most of players playing now, this irritates him. Although its never stated in words or in the book, he shows an obvious anger and jealousy issue towards his son as Cory may have a better shot at his dream compared to what he had.

Troy says he wouldn’t watch Cory preform and do what he loves and he always finds a excuse like it sounds like a “Chinese racket” or he needs to sleep. He shows complete lack of motivation to support his son anyway. To conclude everything I’ve stated above about Tory, I can’t quite make out what I think him to be. I haven’t read and gathered enough infomation yet to judge and have a set opinion about him. Although he is for sure a boastful and challenging, yet insecure and emotional character. I hope to understand him more as a character as I read on through this believable capturing book.

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